Our partnerships ensure that our water research has far-reaching social, economic and environmental impact. Some of the valued partners who are supporting WIRC directly or collaborating with us on a WIRC-related project are listed below.

Key partners

Further research partners

European research partners

International research partners


The University of Bath is committed to the internationalisation of globally relevant research excellence, attracting world leaders in the field of water research and nurturing researchers of the future. Here are examples highlighting the global reach of our integrated water research.

Emory University, USA

The Raymond F Schinazi International Exchange Programme (SIEP) supports faculty, postdoctoral and PhD exchanges between Emory University in Atlanta, USA and the University of Bath to further research and education in key areas of scientific excellence.

With academics at Emory University’s Centre for Global Safe Water, it was agreed by combining the University of Bath’s multidisciplinary expertise in sustainable water, and practical interests of both universities, that progress can be made towards providing safe water throughout the world. We are working to develop new collaborative research projects.

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

We are research partners with the Stellenbosch Water Institute, South Africa, and together we are working on topics relating to membrane technology, rainwater harvesting, exploitation of algae, nano-filtration of water, water recycling, water quality monitoring, and water policy across Africa.