Welcome talks

Welcome Week sessions include Welcome talks, as well as an introduction to a range of services that will help you make the most of university life.

The Welcome talks are designed to inform, welcome and inspire new students.

You will hear from:

  • President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell
  • Students' Union President, Ben Davies
  • Olympic gold medallist and University of Bath alumna, Amy Williams

There is also an interactive session run by The Edge Arts.

Which session to attend

We organise three sessions, all on Monday 25 September in the Founders Hall. These sessions are compulsory. You must go to the session for your accommodation block.

Session one - 10am

You must attend this session if you are living in:

  • Brendon Court
  • Polden Court
  • The Woodlands
  • Woodland Court
  • The Quads

Session two - 12pm

You must attend this session if you are living in:

  • Solsbury Court
  • Marlborough Court
  • Westwood
  • Osborne House
  • The Lodge

Session three - 2pm

You must attend this session if you are living in:

  • Norwood House
  • Eastwood
  • John Wood Court
  • Carpenter House
  • John Wood Building
  • your own home or are in private accommodation

Undergraduate Essential Guide to University Life

Which session to attend

Find out how the Sports Training Village (STV), The Edge Arts, Student Services, skills at Bath, Student Voice and the Students' Union can help you succeed and make the most of university life.

These sessions take place in The Chancellors' Building on Tuesday 26 September 2017.

You should attend a session based on the subject you'll be studying.

The Chancellors' Building (room 1.10)

  • Maths - 10.15am to 11.05am
  • Education - 11.15am to 12.05pm
  • Psychology - 11.15am to 12.05pm
  • Management/Management with Marketing - 12.15pm to 1.05pm
  • International Management and Modern Languages - 12.15pm to 1.05pm
  • Business Administration - 1.15pm to 2.05pm
  • Accounting and Finance - 1.15pm to 2.05pm
  • Mechanical Engineering - 2.15pm to 3.05pm
  • Politics, Languages & International Studies - 3.15pm to 4.05pm
  • Economics - 4.15pm to 5.05pm

The Chancellors' Building (room 1.11)

  • Computer Science - 10.15am to 11.05am
  • Physics - 10.15am to 11.05am
  • Chemistry - 11.15am to 12.05pm
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacology - 11.15am to 12.05pm
  • Biology & Biochemistry - 12.15pm to 1.05pm
  • Natural Sciences - 1.15pm to 2.05pm
  • Social Policy Sciences - 1.15pm to 2.05pm
  • Architecture - 2.15pm to 3.05pm
  • Civil Engineering - 2.15pm to 3.05pm
  • Health - 3.15pm to 4.05pm
  • Chemical Engineering - 4.15pm to 5.05pm
  • Electrical Engineering - 4.15pm to 5.05pm

Information fair

If you want to find out more about services at the University, visit the stalls at the Undergraduate Essential Guide to University Life information fair.

The fair is open on Tuesday 26 September 2017 from 11am to 5.30pm on the level 1 foyer of The Chancellors' Building.

You can find out about:

  • Sports Training Village (STV)
  • The Edge Arts
  • Careers Service
  • Student Services
  • skills at Bath
  • Students' Union
  • Computing Services
  • the Library
  • security
  • School of Management Student Association (SoMSA)

There will also be an information point to guide you in case you get lost.

Departmental Induction

You must go to the induction sessions for your department.