Dietary information

We use a food-labelling system on the menus in our hospitality outlets. This provides dietary information about the main ingredients of our food.

If you have questions about the ingredients of a meal or product, please speak with a member of staff.

All of our menus change regularly depending on availability, but some examples are listed below.

Bistro menu


Starters Description Dietary information Price
Soup of the day Smooth vegetable soup, served with bread and butter Suitable for vegans, gluten-free £3.75
Caprese salad Classic tomato and mozzarella salad with basil pesto vinaigrette Suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free £5.15
Chutney and goat’s cheese tartlet Oven baked tartlet filled with caramelised onion chutney and goat’s cheese Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free also available £5.15
Chicken croquettes Delicious and creamy chicken croquettes with the crisp breadcrumb coating Contains meat prepared using Halal methods £4.75
Calamari rings Served with garlic, pepper and lemon mayo £5.20

Main courses

Main courses Description Dietary information Price
Duck confit with hoisin sauce Slow-cooked duck leg served with Basmati rice Dairy-free £7.80
Sea bass in salsa Oven cooked seabass fillet with a rich and creamy black garlic and leek sauce Gluten-free £9.65
Duck noodles Stir fried duck egg noodles in flavoursome black bean sauce Dairy-free £7.75
Prawn noodles Sriracha-spiced stir fried noodles with prawns Dairy-free £7.75
Stir fry vegetable noodles Soya and sesame stir fried Udon noodles with mixed vegetables Suitable for vegans, dairy-free £7.50
Mushroom risotto Creamy and earthy wild mushroom risotto Suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free £7.95
Vegetarian curry Mixed vegetables curry served with fragrant Basmati rice Suitable for vegans, gluten-free £7.50


Extras Price
Chipotles adobados (spicy pickled Chipotle chillies) £1.55
Sriracha sauce (spicy) £0.80
Guacamole sauce with corn tortilla chips £1.55

Side orders

Sides orders Price
Bread and butter £0.80
Basmati rice £1.55
Vegetables £1.55
New potatoes £1.55
French fries £1.55
Side salad £1.55


Dessert Description Price
Vanilla cheesecake Smooth and rich vanilla cheesecake with Bramley apple sauce £3.45
West Country cheeseboard Pennard Vale Goats Cheese, Devon Oke, Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar and Helford Blue £4.75

Soft drinks

Soft drinks Description Price
Coca-Cola 330ml Served in the iconic glass bottle £2.10
Diet Coke 330ml Served in the iconic glass bottle £1.75
Bradley's Quench Range Juices 330ml Lime and ginger, traditional lemonade, apple and raspberry, elderflower, strawberry and elderflower £1.90
Bradley's juice 250ml Organic freshly squeezed apple or orange juice £1.90
J2O Juices 330ml Apple and mango or orange and passion fruit £2.50
Frank mineral water 330ml Still or sparkling £1.45
Frank mineral water 750ml Still or sparkling £2.65

White wine

Wines Description Volume 125ml 175ml Bottle
Ayrum Blanco Albali (Verdejo, Valdepeñas) Aromatic and floral notes with citrus and green apple palate 12% £2.95 £3.75 £13.50
Paso Ancho (Sauvignon Blanc) Fresh, crisp bursting with apple and citrus fruit flavours and a hint of melon 12.5% £3.20 £4.10 £15.50

Red wine

Wines Description Volume 125ml 175ml Bottle
Sierra Grande (Pinot Noir) A delicate and elegant Pinot Noir showing ripe fruit flavours of plums and wild strawberries, balanced with subtle smoky notes, and a delicious, lingering finish 14% £3.20 £4.10 £15.50
Castelbello Red (Merlot, Veneto) Made from Merlot grown in the Veneto region of north-east of Italy; shows some cherry and bramble fruit on a soft, light finish 12% £2.95 £3.75 £13.50

Bottled beer and cider

Beers and cider Price
Peroni 330 ml £3.45
Norcotts original cider 500 ml £4.05
Bath Ales Barnsey 500 ml £4.20
Bath Ales Gem 500 ml £4.20
Bath Ales Golden Hare 500 ml £4.20


Drink Price
Espresso £1.60
Double espresso £1.90
Flat white £2.00
Macchiato £1.70
Double macchiato £2.00
Americano £1.70
Latte £1.90
Cappuccino £1.90
Mocha (white or dark chocolate) £2.05
Hot chocolate £2.10
Extras Price
Marshmallows £0.70
Syrup £0.70
Whipped cream £0.70
Extra shot of coffee £0.70


Suki Fairtrade and organic teas, including apple loves mint, darjeeling and dark cocoa tea.

Tea Price
Fairtrade English breakfast tea £2.20
Red berry £2.20
Earl Grey and blue flower £2.20
Peppermint £2.20
Green tea and sencha £2.20
Camomile £2.20
Rooibos £2.20