Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

Languages are passports to life enabling you to become a global citizen. You’ll foster communication and broaden your knowledge of cultures and perspectives.

The study of a foreign language enables you to pursue many job opportunities overseas. You will be able to read, write, listen and speak proficiently in the language of your chosen country.

Our languages include French, German, Spanish, and ab initio (for newcomers) Italian. All our language courses will enable you to achieve fluency in your chosen languages. We believe that your learning will be at its best through total immersion in your chosen language. For this reason, we teach almost all our courses and units in the target language and you will spend your third year abroad.

We have expertise on the present issues facing Europe and areas beyond such as Latin America. You will study the culture and explore the history and values of your countries of study.


Learning experience

Expert academics

You’ll learn from academics with expertise in cultural studies, politics and modern languages. Their international collaborations and research activities feed into undergraduate teaching and contribute to your learning experience.

Graduate employability

Our graduate career paths are wide-ranging. Some become professional linguists, working as teachers or as translators and interpreters in the European Parliament. Most find work in public and private sector institutions, where their communication skills and cultural and social awareness are highly valued.

Recent graduates have found work in:

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • International Tennis Federation
  • HSBC
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • European Parliament
  • IBM
  • University of Provence
  • Louis Vuitton

A high number of students choose to go directly into employment, while some pursue further study.

Find out what our graduates go on to do.

“We always have discussions in the language in our seminars about what’s going on at the moment. We’re very much immersed in what’s going on at the time as well as the language.”
Grace Wishart

BA Modern Languages and European Studies (French and Spanish) (2017)