- Continuing Professional Development


CPD Framework approved by Senate

Thu Apr 02 10:31:00 BST 2009

The CPD Support & Development Office is delighted to announce that Senate, at its meeting on 1 April, granted initial approval for the Independent Professional Development Portfolio (IPDP).

The IPDP is an academic framework for the University's Continuing Professional Development activity. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals from a wide range of academic and business backgrounds. 
The development of the framework was identified in the University’s Corporate Planning Statement as a strategic priority for 2008/09. It responds to the HEFCE vision of ‘promoting opportunities for workplace, work-based and flexible routes which enable lifelong learning’.
The framework has been developed in consultation with nominated representatives from each academic department (via the CPD Forum and Sub-Group).
It will enable units from existing programmes to be offered on a stand-alone basis and will facilitate the development of new individual credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing units which are not part of defined awards.
The framework will contain a series of generic awards, based on the principles of credit accumulation and transfer. Students will be given the option of taking a single unit, or taking further units and working towards an award.
Full approval will now be sought with a view to launching the new framework in September 2009.

View the initial proposal (pdf) for further information.