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Fabrication of photonic crystal fibres

Wed Jan 12 14:26:00 GMT 2011

The University disseminates its expertise through a CPD course

Through this CPD course, we are strengthening our reputation across the international community as one of the centres of excellence in the area of optical fibres.

Dr Dmitry Skryabin, Professor in the Department of Physics

Crystal Fibres

The Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (CPPM) at the University, well-known across the scientific community for its expertise in photonic crystal fibres, opened its doors to researchers and engineers from around the world for a CPD course focusing on the fabrication and physics of photonic crystal fibres.

The "Fabrication of Photonic Crystal Fibres" course is a high-standard, two-week course which ran for the second time in January 2012. This course stands as an example of using CPD courses for knowledge transfer. Including intensive laboratory sessions, lectures and small group workshops, the course familiarised the participants with the "Bath way" of characterisation of micro-structured fibres and the design parameters for crystal fibres.

The course has benefited attendees that range from heads of research groups and members of laboratories to recent graduates. According to Dr. Dmitry Skryabin, "we are directly transferring our knowledge into an environment where it is likely to find practical applications and we can establish new collaborations". This shows that there is a strong potential for the development of CPD courses at the University of Bath that can benefit both scientists and the wider community.

The CPD Office offers support for CPD activity including marketing, costing, financial arrangements, and practical aspects of course delivery for those interested in developing courses for external professionals or employers. Additionally funding is available from the CPD Development Fund. For more information on submitting a bid to the Fund please visit: www.bath.ac.uk/cpd/intranet.bho/development-fund.html.