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Our events

April 27 and 28, 2018 - The 12th Workshop on the organization, economics and policy of scientific research

Jointly with CREI@Bath BRICK, Collegio Carlo Alberto, is organizing their annual workshop on "The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research". As in previous years the aim of the workshop is to bring together a small group of scholars interested in the analysis of the production and diffusion of scientific research from an economics, historical, organizational, and policy perspective.

We aim to attract contributions from both junior and senior scholars; a minimum number of slots are reserved for junior researchers (PhD students or postdoc scholars who obtained their PhD in 2015 or later).

Up to 20 papers will be selected from open submissions on the basis of peer review.

The workshop aims at including papers form various streams of research developed in recent years in and around the area of public and private scientific research. Contributions are invited on (but not limited to) one or more of the following topics: Evaluation and peer review in science, Organisation of research activities, Public and private funding of academic research, Role of gender and family in scientific research, Science research networks and collaboration, Migration of scientists, Citizen science, open science.

This event is supported by the Royal Economic Society external website.

Deadline for the submission of papers is January 30 2018. You can submit your paper here

March 8 and 9, 2018 - 2nd CREI@Bath workshop

Following up on the success of the inaugural workshop in March 2017 (details below), we will host the 2nd CREI@Bath workshop in March 2018.

September 15 and 16, 2017- Strategy Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI) consortium

The Strategy Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI) Consortium is an initiative from faculty at five European business schools - Bocconi University, Copenhagen Business School, HEC Paris, Imperial College London, and London Business School - with the aim to increase interaction among European researchers working in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation. The SEI consortium helps to enable an annual doctoral consortium and faculty workshop. These events are organized in a partnership model with other European business schools. Thus far, SEI events have attracted over 400 participants from over 60 different European business schools.

In 2017, the SEI doctoral consortium was organized by CREI@Bath ( ). The Consortium started on September 15 and finished on September 16, 2017. During the Consortium a number of selected students presented their research. Each student presented her/his work for 15 minutes and a dedicated senior discussant provided critical feedback before comments from the audience. The audience was composed, largely, of faculty members including academics in editorial positions at leading journals (e.g. Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Research Policy, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Journal of Business Venturing).

March 2 and 3 2017 - Inaugural workshop

CREI@Bath hosted its inaugural peer assist workshop on March 2 - 3, 2017. The workshop maximize developmental feedback, focusing on enabling collaboration and engagement between scholars about their early stage work. To this end, the workshop was structured around three forms of presentations:

  • A paper pitch - the outline of an initial idea for a project or paper (1-2 page outline of idea and 2-3 slides in Powerpoint), which receives comments from two discussants;
  • A formative paper presentation - an early stage paper (4-6 page version of a paper, 5-7 slides in Powerpoint) which received comments from two discussants;
  • Enriching a working paper - a full working paper with comments from a dedicated discussant.

Participants included: Anne ter Wal (Imperial), Bruce Tether (MBS), Daniel W. Elfenbein (Olin), Elena Novelli (CASS), Francesco Castellaneta (SKEMA), Linus Dahlander (ESMT), Holger Patzelt (TUM), Janet Bercovitz (Illinois), Lars Frederiksen (Aarhus), Luca Berchicci (RSM), Marco Giarratana (IE), Martin Hoegl (LMU), Myriam Mariani (Bocconi), Paola Criscuolo (Imperial), Thorsten Grohsjean (Bocconi), Ute Stephan (Aston), Wolfgang Sofka (CBS) and Wouter Stam (VU).