- Centre for Regenerative Medicine

CRM People

Dr James Bilzon - j.bilzon@bath.ac.uk
Disability sport and health, nutrition and metabolic physiology, occupational and environmental physiology.

Dr Andrew Chalmers - a.chalmers@bath.ac.uk
The development of epithelial tissues. Particularly how cell-cell junctions are formed and how their function is linked to controlling cell proliferation.

Dr Paul De Bank - p.debank@bath.ac.uk
Tissue engineering, chemical modification of biomaterial scaffolds, cell carrier systems, cell aggregation and 3D culture, cell patterning and recreation of in vivo niche.

Dr Marianne Ellis - m.j.ellis@bath.ac.uk
Design and fabrication of bioreactors for cell-based therapies, cell expansion, in vitro models and bioartificial organs.

Dr Makoto Furutani-Seiki - m.furutani-seiki@bath.ac.uk
Use of the medaka fish as a model to study human diseases such as cancer and the functional regeneration of tissues and organs.

Prof Richie Gill - r.gill@bath.ac.uk
Healthcare engineering, musculoskeletal mechanics and modelling, orthopaedics.

Prof Robert Kelsh - r.n.kelsh@bath.ac.uk
Analysis of stem cells in development and regeneration, with emphasis on genetic regulation of neural crest stem cells, gene regulatory networks and progressive fate restriction, and pattern formation. We specialise in using the excellent properties of zebrafish (and medaka) embryos to allow us to address these questions in vivo.

Prof Randy Mrsny - R.J.Mrsny@bath.ac.uk
Mechanisms regulating dynamic events of mesenchymal to epithelial transformation. 

Dr Adele Murrell - A.M.Murrell@bath.ac.uk 
Epigenetic reprogramming and the disruption of genome organisation during tumorigenesis and metastasis; genomic imprinting as a model epigenetic system; long range epigenetic silencing in cancer; epigenetic reprogramming during metastases.

Dr Tony Perry - a.c.f.Perry@bath.ac.uk
The mechanisms by which gametes are transformed in to embryos and the identification of useful parallels.

Dr Giordano Pula - g.pula@bath.ac.uk
Human primary endothelial cells (HUVECs, EPCs, ECFCs), cell signalling (classical and systems approaches), cell migration assays and imaging, angiogenesis models.

Dr Ram Sharma - r.sharma@bath.ac.uk
Cell and tissue engineering, cell-matrix interactions, biointerface characterization, engineered interfaces, cell mechanics.

Dr Vasanta Subramanian - v.s.subramanian@bath.ac.uk
Stem cells, differentiation and pluripotency; mouse transgenics; mES, miPS and hiPS cells and disease models; cell reprogramming; neuroectodermal & endodermal differentiation.

Prof Cheryll Tickle - c.a.tickle@bath.ac.uk (Emeritus Professor)
The mechanisms involved in the development of vertebrate limbs, particularly the formation of a patterned set of digits.

Prof David Tosh - d.tosh@bath.ac.uk
Reprogramming, transdifferentiation and metaplasia: understanding the molecular and cellular basis for the conversion of one cell type to another (including pancreas to liver, liver to pancreas and oesophagus to intestine).

Dr Andrew Ward -a.ward@bath.ac.uk
Growth control: genetic and molecular mechanisms controlling the overall size of animals, and body proportions. Understanding how growth in early life can have a lifelong influence on health and well-being.

Prof Steve Ward - s.g.ward@bath.ac.uk
Cell signalling, leukocyte & epithelial cell biology, mechanisms of inflammation, drug target validation.

Dr Robert Williams - r.j.williams@bath.ac.uk
Molecular signalling mechanisms regulating synaptic viability and strategies for protecting the nervous system.