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Centre for Sustainable Chemical TechnologiesApplying to the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)

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To study on the Integrated PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies you must apply through the University's central application system.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 intake. Apply early as the application process is competitive. To be considered for the next round of interviews, you must apply by 22 January.

Please read these instructions and detailed guidelines called 'accompanying notes' before you apply, and don’t hesitate to contact us on csct@bath.ac.uk for help specific to the CDT and Integrated PhD. FAQ about the form are addressed below.

These instructions are the same regardless of whether you are applying for a project-specific studentship or an EPSRC CDT studentship not attached to a particular project.

Choosing the correct course

When choosing the course, go to "Department of Chemistry" and select “Integrated PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies” from the dropdown list. The course doesn’t show up under any other departments because the University requires a single department to be identified — the Integrated PhD contains elements of a number of disciplines and is a fully interdepartmental initiative.

Follow all instructions to set up a “new user” (unless you’ve applied before or are a University of Bath student) and fill in your details.

Optional upload of documents

It is very helpful to us if you provide as many of the documents as you are able to. For example, you can ask your referees to provide reports and upload these here (although you are only required to have one referee, we prefer you to provide details of two – upload both reports if you have these). Please upload any references you may have at the time of application it will prevent delays in progressing you to the shortlisting stage. If you are still awaiting transcripts, you will be able to upload these later. Please do upload your CV, even if you’ve already sent this to us.

Suggested start date

September/October 2018.

Section 7

Under section 7 please do not include a full research proposal, but instead give us some detail about:

  • your research interests (particularly as they relate to sustainable chemical technologies);
  • your reasons for wanting to study in the CDT in Sustainable Chemical Technologies; and
  • any other information that might be relevant, such as professional experience, publications etc.

If this is already covered in your CV then there is no need to repeat the information.

If you would like to be considered for one of our project-specific studentships, please mention this here.

Also, please do not include details of a specific academic you would like to work with — this will be worked out later if you are accepted.


As mentioned above, we would like details of two referees and it is particularly helpful if you ask them to provide reports and upload these. Some referees prefer to provide confidential reports and, in this case, we will contact them by email, so make sure that email addresses are correct.

Apply online for the Integrated PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies

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