Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Science Stand Up


Date: Thursday 30 April 2015

Time: 19:30 - 22:00

Location: The Bath Brew House
14 James Street West, Bath BA1 2BX

Science Stand Up is an evening of science fuelled fun in Bath, with postgraduate students and researchers performing about their research or even something fascinating in science. Expect heaps of laughs, enjoy a drink, and come experience the delights of science!

Tickets are free, but a £3 donation on the door will be very much appreciated since all proceeds are kindly going to Julian House.



Dominika Bijos @DBijos

Me and Dr P – my love story
I am pregnant with my PeehD for 3 years now... I am expecting - URin(e) good hands!

Adam Jackson @binarystate

Sufficiently Advanced Technology?
Big problems, small scale, bigger computers; illustrated with 52 pasteboards

Dario Cazzola @darione581

Bind, Engage, and Be Safe?!
Do you want to know the true story of the rugby scrum rules change? Turn up to find out what you would experience if involved in a rugby scrum! CROUCH – BIND – SET!

Becky Brooks

(awaiting information)

Xu Zhang

Science and Technology: Take One Step Back
How dependent have you become on tech gadgets? How many times have you tried to fix what would've been a fail 50 years ago with technology? Are science and technology really making our lives better?

Jemma Rowlandson @JemmaRowlandson

How to save the world with Leerdammer cheese
What makes Leerdammer so special? It’s full of holes!

David Valdez @Dav3Valdez

A Green r-Evolution
How can Hemp be used as a revolutionary construction material?

Gustav Bosehans @GustavBoesehans

Green lies
Why our craving for convenience makes Mother Nature cry

Ioannis Costas

Putting sport under the microscope: should charities use sport to help youths in poverty?
Sport’s immense popularity increasingly leads charities to rely on sport as a way of helping youths in poverty develop socially and psychologically. Unfortunately, like a politician who seeks popularity to win an election, sport makes many promises it struggles to keep.

Matthew Camilleri @colourgeek

The colours of life
Nobody has ever thanked colours for their part in evolution, nobody has realised that without colours there would be no life. This injustice cannot keep on going, and I will showcase why there would be no life without colours.

Fraeya Whiffin @FraeyaWhiffin

How to commit genocide and get away with it
Tales of ends that justify their means by a confused sci-gineer; featuring wine, fairytale characters, orangutans, whales and Russians.

Emma Sackville @Emma_Sackville

Frozen 2: Recrystallised
Ever wondered what Frozen, the Macarena and crystallisation have in common? Probably not but find out anyway!

Get in touch

This event is organised by the students of The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT). If you have any questions, please contact the lead organiser J.Chouler@bath.ac.uk

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