Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Science Stand Up 2016


Bath's finest scientific minds deliver their research stand-up style!

Dates: Tues 19 and Thurs 21 April 2016
Time: 19:30
The Bath Brew House


Science Stand Up is an evening of science fuelled fun in Bath, with researchers performing about their fascinating scientific stuff. 

This year we are running for two nights, on Tuesday 19 April and Thursday 21 April. 

Tickets are free, but a £3 donation on the door will be very much appreciated since all proceeds are kindly going to Julian House. Expect heaps of laughs, enjoy a drink, and come experience the delights of science!

Performing on the first night, we have:

Saeed Ashgari: NO SOCIAL LIFE
My mum still tries to find me women to date just because I am busy :|

Parimala Shivaprasad: The Miracle Fibre.
The 'Sheep'ish way of curing diseases!

David Ross-Pinnock: "Honey, I shrunk the plane!"
A metrologist that models temperature and his eternal struggle to assert that he is not a weatherman

Jack Butt: Is science really that logical?
Survival of the fit... Ish. You can put my pint on the platypus’s bill.

Ka Man Wong: How buildings affect our life?
The need for smart building!

Nicola Ansell: Disasters of a New Grad Veterinary Surgeon:
Forget James Herriot, what vet school can’t prepare you for is a parrot stuck up a hoover, a monkey with a mysterious stain on its leg, or how to euthanase a goldfish.

Huilan Liu: tba

Helena Quilter: tba

On our second night, we are delighted to present you with:

David Canepa: Brace Yourselves! Real Augmented Reality Is Here!
An engineer trying to come to terms with reality

Marcus Johns: Mending a broken heart.
Relationship advice not included.

Molly Li: A big crime which can save your life!
How can we smuggle protein into your body.

Phillip Trotter: The Resource Curse.
When even the most pig-headed economists say that having a lot often means having very little.

Gus Bosehans: It's all about the B(ehaviour)U(rban design)T(echnology)
Why the route to greener transport leads through the BUT!

Mendy Mombeshora: Are we really logical and rational beings?
Let’s find out together as we explore some of the ways in which our minds mess with us!

Alex Lathbridge: Peer Reviewed Hip Hop.
2 parts science. One part Wu Tang Clan. 100% irreverent.

Dominic Mitchell: tba

This event is organised by the students of The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT). If you have any questions, please contact the lead organiser J.Chouler@bath.ac.uk