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Taking today's water sustainability challenges to Cheltenham Science Festival

Wed Jun 03 16:01:00 BST 2015

20150602-cheltenham1Students from Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) will be venturing over to Cheltenham Science Festival to showcase their home-made Public Engagement activities on 6 – 7 June 2015.

Providing a broad overview of the key sustainability challenges in today’s world, the hands-on activities will also make the public think of the possible solutions to these. Below is a glimpse of the activities showcasing the research being done around water sustainability at the Centre.

Amazing Algae: This activity is designed to demonstrate the bioremediation of toxic metals by algae which have leached into the water course from tin mines. Participants will get a chance to get their hands dirty whilst making their own slime.

Soap Stars: This activity consists of two aspects, firstly a hands-on demonstration of how the surfactants within our soaps actually work, as well as an opportunity to utilise the special properties of surfactants to create giant bubbles.

Marvellous Membranes: Membranes and filters can be used to turn contaminated water into safe drinkable water, and are essential to some areas of the developing world. Our membrane model will demonstrate how this is possible as well as an opportunity to see the filters at work.

Where’s the Water?: The amount of water used to produce everyday items such as a pair of jeans or a cup of coffee is staggeringly high. This activity uses a ‘higher or lower’ format to show people the water footprint of everyday items, as well as demonstrate out of all the water on the globe, how much of it is drinkable.

Watch a video of our activities at 'Bath Taps Into Science' event.

If you're attending the festival, drop by and try out our hands-on activities.

For more information, please contact:

Rubina Kalra
Digital Communications Co-ordinator
Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

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About CSCT:
Established in 2008, the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies brings together academic expertise from the University of Bath with international industrial, academic and stakeholder partners to carry out research, training and outreach in sustainable chemical technologies. We have attracted over £25m in overall funding for our activities and the centre has rapidly become an important hub for sustainable chemistry in the UK.