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How well do you know your science?

Wed Jun 24 10:01:00 BST 2015

pub quizThe Festival of Nature together with the British Science Association is presenting an inaugural Science Pub Quiz. Nothing beats having a pint with friends and being quizzed about all things science. 

The residential geeks will also be competing, a team so good that the Earth shatters with the mere mention of their names.

Join us at West Gate Pub in Bath on the Thursday, 25 June for a night of fun and Science.

Doors open at 19.00, with some comedy lines from our very own quiz master, Matt Camilleri to settle the nerves before the start of a brain challenging science quiz. Expect to be tested to your limits, making you try and remember your Year 7 Science, all the way back to when we were kids!

No mobiles allowed, or it could get too easy to win.

For more detail contact m.camilleri@bath.ac.uk.

Price for the quiz is just £1 per person, which will be collected prior to the start of the quiz.