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CSCT Alumni return to offer careers advice to PhD students

Thu Oct 22 14:51:00 BST 2015

20151022-alumni-series-1The 21st of October marked the launch of our very first CSCT Alumni Talk Series. We welcomed Dr Daniel Minett and Dr Jenny Crabtree back for an evening that brought the alumni together with current students so they can share their experiences and best advice.

Daniel, Development Engineer at MEL Chemicals in Manchester, mainly works on developing and scaling up new zirconium based catalysts for the automotive market, using the skills as a chemist and chemical engineer he developed at the CSCT.

Jenny is now a Science Teacher at Beaumont Leys School, a secondary school in Leicester. She was inspired by the Public Engagement aspect of her PhD in the CSCT, including visits to local schools and running stalls at science festivals.

Both Daniel and Jenny are passionate about the experiences they had during their PhD and how their time as students helped prepare them for success after graduation. They were eager to share what they’ve learned with the next generation of the CSCT. The event gave students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of possible careers in their areas of study and provided up to date information on the skills and abilities potential employers look for.

“Whether it’s about making the most of your time as a PhD student, networking, getting a job in their field, or reaching out to employers, the alumni had incredibly useful advice to share because they were in the same position a few years ago,” says Rubina Kalra, organiser of the event.

One of the attendees, Miriam Regue Grino, says: "Having just started a PhD at the CSCT, this is an excellent way to start building up my professional network. The talks gave me a good insight into the different opportunities I can consider after finishing my PhD."

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Are you a CSCT graduate interested in visiting us again? Get in touch with R.Kalra@bath.ac.uk