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Alumni Talk Series 2: Students receive top tips from our graduates

Thu Dec 10 12:26:00 GMT 2015

20151210-duygu-celebiBuilding on the success from our first Alumni Talk Series, two CSCT graduates returned again on 8 December 2015 to join us for a second round. Dr Duygu Celebi and Dr Alf Hill met over 45 enthusiastic PhD students to give insights into their careers and advice for the next steps. Their excellent talks illustrated the varied career paths that a PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies can lead to. 

Their message: Be passionate. Be proactive. Try different jobs. Start early. Network. Travel.

Duygu is now a Senior Formulation Scientist at Unilever R&D labs in Connecticut, USA. Her main role involves development of formulations for personal care products and optimisation of the current techniques to test these products on the skin. She works on multiple projects involving cleansing, analysis and formulation.

Duygu advised the students to “start early, even if you have just started your PhD. Find jobs that you like, read the job descriptions and start working towards building on the skill requirements”. 

“The CSCT provides great opportunities to travel and gain work experience in the industry, use them! Try something out of your comfort zone, you never know what it may lead to.” 

20151210-alf-hillAlf works for Atkins Global as a Senior Process Engineer in their Nuclear division which focuses on project engineering and consultancy. He currently specialises in safety performance analysis of the UK nuclear reactor fleet.

Alf gave a top tip to all the perfectionists in the room: “Sometimes good is good enough. Don’t spend all your time coming up with the best of all in the lab.”

Alf also highlighted how being a PhD graduate already sets you apart – it makes you resourceful, self-reliant, a good writer with plenty of transferable skills.

We thank both the speakers for taking their time out to meet the current students. We will continue organising these Alumni talks in the future to cultivate strong links between the centre and its leavers.

Read profiles of our alumni on our website.

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