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Successful symposium on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation

Mon Oct 10 14:15:00 BST 2016

20161010-co2-symposiumOn 5 October 2016, CSCT welcomed participants from industry and academia to its half-day symposium on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation at University of Bath. The symposium was organised in collaboration with  I-SEE to celebrate the award of an Honorary Degree to Professor Michele Aresta in light of his lifelong contributions to carbon dioxide (CO 2) chemistry. The event showcased the latest developments in this area of research through talks and a poster session.

“We were really happy to see a full room for this particular event, indicating the interest in this topic. The symposium was a great opportunity for discussion and, together with the afternoon lecture from Professor Aresta, signified the environmental, social and economic advantages of utilising CO 2 rather than storing it. The utilisation approach will not only help slow down carbon emissions but, as pointed out by the speakers of the day, it will create valuable chemicals from what is otherwise considered a waste,” said the organisers.

The symposium was opened by our Director, Professor Matthew Davidson and Professor Davide Mattia from Department of Chemical Engineering. Both were pleased to welcome all guests and invited speakers to this event focussed on a very exciting field of research.

The programme kicked off with the first talk on ‘Making Bubbles!’ by Professor Peter Styring from the University of Sheffield and Director of the UK CO2Chem network, who highlighted the importance of a systems approach to CO 2 utilisation, so that all energy and resource inputs in the process are accounted for a true sustainable approach. He also pointed out how we need to do better than nature at transforming the CO 2 in products and, thus, the need for improved catalysis.

Professor Mike North from University of York spoke about the latest developments in CO 2 capture and conversion and guided the audience through emerging techniques based on the combination of starch-based adsorbents and electrochemical mineralisation. We then saw academics from University of Bath, Dr Matthew Jones who presented his work on direct conversion of CO 2 to hydrocarbons done as part of a Chemistry-Chemical Engineering CSCT collaboration, and our Whorrod Research Fellow, Dr Antoine Buchard who shared his latest research in sugar-based polymers.

“There was a great range of research, covering all aspects of CO 2 utilisation and storage, and showcasing some really exciting and innovative science,” said one of the attendees, Maya Singer Hobbs.

The symposium concluded with a lively poster session organised by our PhD students. The prize for the best poster was awarded to CSCT student George Gregory who presented her work on Cyclic carbonates from sugars and CO 2.

After a short break, we had the pleasure of hearing from Professor Michele Aresta, a world-leading industrial chemist who continues to be a strong advocate for the power of science and technology to advance humanity while protecting our environment. 

"Michele is a man of great personal integrity, warmth and generosity. He has a real talent for engaging people and opening up opportunities that enable them to develop. In the year he has spent at Bath as a David Parkin visiting Professor he has become part of the fabric of the Chemical Engineering Department, engaging not only in research with a number of colleagues, but also in our social and everyday life. As Head of Department I am very proud of that," said CSCT Co-Director, Professor Tim Mays.

We thank all who were part of this symposium and hope to continue hosting similar events in the future. Big thanks to I-SEE and our organising committee: Professor Davide Mattia, Dr Marta Coma, Michael Joyes and David Williamson.

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