Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Healthcare Technologies

A scientist holding a petri dish in the lab Well-being is a vital technical and societal component of sustainability, and chemical technologies associated with healthcare and well-being pose interesting problems. Specifically, key challenges include: the generation of new synthetic methodology for the preparation of a range of pharmaceuticals by clean catalytic/biocatalytic chemistry coupled with sustainable processing; the design and development of methods for rapid sensing in hospital environments; and devices for the detection of in vivo infection and delivery of nanomedicines.

Theme leader: Professor Jonathan Williams, Department of ChemistryDr Pedro Estrela, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Industrial partner: GlaxoSmithKline


Research areas

Enabling synthetic methodology

Chemical Engineering: Dr Pawel Plucinski
Chemistry: Professor Chris Frost, Professor Jonathan Williams

Rapid sensing in hospital environments

Biology & biochemistry: Dr Jean van den Elsen
Chemistry: Professor Tony James, Dr Toby Jenkins, Dr Frank Marken

Infection detection

Chemistry: Professor Chris Frost, Dr Toby Jenkins, Dr Frank Marken

Diagnostic nanomedicines

Chemistry: Dr Toby Jenkins, Dr Sofia Pascu

Major projects & grants

ReNEW - Developing Resilient Nations - Towards a Public Heath Early Warning System via Urban Water Profiling

renew-logoAn innovative solution to current problems with rapidly identifying and responding to deteriorating public health and environmental conditions in fast developing urban environments in LMIC countries, aiming to manage risks to public and environmental health relating to urbanisation, population growth, lack of infrastructure and the overarching challenge of climate change. We will establish a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research capability, based on engineering and digital technology approaches, for real-time community-wide diagnostics and tuneable multi-hazard public health early warning system (EWS) with the ultimate goal of strengthening communities’ resilience. 

Learn more about ReNEW

Bacteriosafe — Development of a wound dressing to detect pathogenic bacteria

Bacteriosafe logoThe aim of the BacterioSafe consortium is to construct, test and develop a unique active wound dressing, which incorporates novel colourimetric sensor and active therapeutic processes for detecting and counteracting pathogenic bacteria in wounds. The initial focus will be burn wounds, but the application to other types of wounds is intended. The inspiration of this project is the natural nono-biological mechanism of bacterial attack of healthy cells.

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of New Functional Biomaterials for Non Invasive Early Tumour Diagnosis

Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer prior to metastasis has a significant impact on patient survival. This project will demonstrate novel luminescent optical imaging agents that could lead to safe, extremely accurate, non-invasive and affordable early diagnostics of cancers which are difficult to access non-invasively due to limited light penetration through tissues such as the alimentary tract.

Encapsulated phage for treatment of burns and wound site infections

One of the primary problems in the treatment of burns is bacterial infection, which can delay healing, increase pain; increase the risk of scarring and in some cases cause death. In recent years there have been great improvements in the treatment of burns, but the problem of infection has not gone away. This project, in partnership with Biocontrol Ltd and the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, will encapsulate specific lytic phages within phospholipid vesicles, and incorporate the vesicles into a prototype burn / wound dressing and a topical aqueous cream.

Student projects

Student name Title Supervisors Partners
Bradley, Stephen (2012-2016) A sensor for online and onsite water quality monitoring Di Lorenzo, Kasprzyk-Hordern, Marken University of Sao Paolo
Camilleri, Matthew (2013-2017) Photofloworganocatalysis for sustainable redox chemistry Carbery, Murciano GSK
Celebi, Duygu (2011-2015)  Oxidised Cellulose Gels and Films for Encapsulation and Release Edler, Scott, Guy Unilever
Courtenay, Jamie (2014-2018) Decorated cellulose surfaces – opportunities for novel, sustainable ingredients for formulated products and tissue engineering scaffolds Scott, Sharma, Edler University of Campinas
Gregory, George (2012-2016) Cyclic Carbonates from Sugars and Carbon Dioxide: Synthesis, Polymerisation and Biomedical Applications Buchard, Sharma, Davidson Corbion
Johns, Marcus (2012-2016)  Biomaterials for the Cardiac Environment Sharma, Scott, Rahatekar (Bristol) Revolution Fibres
Jones, Caroline (2012-2016) Sustainable catalytic methodology for functional group manipulation Williams, Plucinski, Bull  GSK
Kirk, Sarah (2012-2016) Polymers and copolymers for tissue engineering applications Jones, Ellis RWTH Aachen University
Lampard, Emma (2013-2017) Benzoxaboroles for Membrane Separation James, D Patterson, Bull University of Stellenbosch
Lomax, Helen (2011-2015) New approaches to the catalytic activation of arenes Williams, D Patterson  
Mahy, William (2011-2015) Design of novel catalytic processes for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates Frost, Plucinski  
Paterson, Andy (2012-2016)  Selective Catalytic C-H Fictionalization for Drug Discovery and Manufacture Frost, D Patterson Novartis
Pinheiro, Jessica (2016-2020)  Organoid Expansion Bioreactor Development Ellis, De Bank Cellesce
Ryder, Alison (2016-2020)  Visible-light mediated C–H functionalisations Cresswell, Eslava  
Scott, Daniel (2015-2019) Bridging the Gap in Sustainable Continuous Chemicals Manufacture: Integrating Upstream Synthesis and Downstream Crystallisation Wilson, Martinez Hernandez, Davidson CMAC; AZ
Thompson, Abigail (2016-2020)  Release, Monitoring and Recovery of Drugs with Selective Ionic Diodes Marken, Estrela, Scott  
Tyson, James (2011-2015) Graphene nanocomposites and biocomposites in cancer theranostics: towards prostate cancer biosensing Pascu, Marken, Estrela, Tyrrell Central Laser Facility
Serife Ustener (2015-2019) Electrochemical detection of microRNAs for cancer diagnosis Estrela, Frost, Lindsay University of Sao Paolo
Weber, Maria (2015-2019) Fluorogenic materials for diagnosis and theranostic applications James, Mackenzie, Bull ECUST (Shanghai); GSK; Redx Pharma