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Managed Print Service

Our Managed Print Service (MPS) is a networked print system that allows any user to print to any machine across the campus, and is managed by Imaging, Design & Print Services (IDPS).

MPS printers manage the day-to-day and high usage print tasks in the University. If you require a more specialised or high-volume print job, please contact IDPS.

The University is moving to a new University Print Service, to be provided and managed by Sharp.

The service will be introduced across campus from late May (for early adopters) through to August 2017. Information about the transition arrangements and guidance on how to use the new University Print Service will be updated throughout this period.

The information below covers arrangements for the exiting Canon Managed Print Service.

Managed Print Service printers

There are two families of MPS printer. Floor-standing printers require a log-in using your library card. Desktop printers are often accessed in the same way, but some models may be direct print and can be operated without logging in.

To use Managed Print Service printers at the University, follow our guidance on:

We also offer troubleshooting advice on issues such as replacing paper and toner.

New printer requests

If you require a new MPS printer for your office or department, please complete the support request form, then raise a request through the Computing Services helpdesk, select the 'Managed Print Service' help topic and attach the form.

The lead time for ordering a new printer is between two and eight weeks, including ordering and delivery.

Follow the same process if you wish to have an existing MPS printer moved from one location to another.

The lead time for moving an existing printer is between one and three weeks, depending on the printer in question.

Help with Managed Print Service

If you are experiencing problems with the Managed Print Service, please refer to our troubleshooting guidance.

MPS charges

Charges for the Managed Print Service are managed through cash budgets or department project codes for staff. Find out more about how your Managed Print Service usage is charged and paid for.

Contact us

For any queries related to the Managed Print Service, please email or call 01225 384587