Design, Print & Photography

Submitting files for printing

We recommend that you follow our guidelines on formatting and how to submit files for best printing results. Please bring USB sticks to IDPS, 8 West, room 1.35. All USBs have to be scanned for viruses, so please ensure your USB has spare capacity.

Email requirements

You can email us files smaller than 10MB. Anything above this will not get through.

Alternatively, you can supply us with a Dropbox link for exchange of files.

File formating

We recommend you submit your file in PDF format, which you can bring to us on CD, USB stick or email it to

PDF files are always preferred, remember to choose the highest quality setting available

Read our guidance on creating a PDF file for printing.

We no longer accept Word documents due to reformatting issues.


For colour images, we recommend CMYK files for anything you wish to print. Files can be converted to CMYK in most graphic programs such as Photoshop, Quark and InDesign.

RGB files are recommended for images that will be viewed on screen, but not for anything requiring printing.

InDesign Files

InDesign files must be converted to PDF. Read our guidance on submitting InDesign files.

Contact us

For any help on submitting files for printing please call 01225 384927 or email