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Submitting InDesign files

To submit an InDesign file for printing, follow these instructions.

Before you start

Ensure your files have the following settings:

  • Fonts: ensure that all fonts are loaded prior to creating your PDF.
  • Image resolution: as a rule, all Photoshop images should have a resolution of 300 dpi. Any bitmap should be at 600 dpi.
  • Colour space: ALL RGB images should be converted to CMYK.
  • Bleeds: extend all elements that run off the edge of the page an additional 3mm beyond the final trim size.
  • Document size: create your document at the final size you would like it produced. Avoid building on an oversized layout.
  • Transparency & drop shadows: set the 'Transparency Flattener' (found in the 'Advanced Menu') to 'High Resolution'.

Using Bleed


The 'Bleed area' allows you to print objects that are arranged at the outer edge of the defined page size.

For a page of the required dimensions, if an object is positioned at its edge, some white may appear at the edge of the printed area due to slight misalignment during printing.

For this reason, you should position an object that is at the edge of the page of the required dimensions a little beyond the edge, and trim after printing. The Bleed area is shown by a red line on the document.

Set Bleed

To specify the dimensions of the Bleed area select 'More Options' in the 'New Document' dialogue box.

To make the Bleed area extend evenly on all sides, select the 'Make All Settings The Same' icon. The average bleed is 3mm.

Print the Bleed areas

  1. Go to the 'File' menu and select 'Print'.
  2. Select 'Marks And Bleed' on the left side of the 'Print' dialogue box.
  3. Select either 'All Printer’s Marks' or 'individual marks'.

To override bleed settings in the 'Document Setup' dialogue box, uncheck 'Use Document Bleed Settings' and enter values from 0 to 6 inches (or equivalents) for 'Top', 'Bottom', 'Left', and 'Right' (for single-sided documents), or 'Top', 'Bottom', 'Inside', and 'Outside' (for double-sided documents with facing pages). To extend the offset evenly on all sides of the page, select the 'Make All Settings The Same' icon.

Exporting PDF files

  1. Go to the 'File' menu and select 'Export'.
  2. Then, navigate to where you want to save your PDF file (for example, the 'Desktop') and select 'Save'.
  3. In the next dialogue box select 'General'. Here you will select 'High Quality Print'.
  4. Check 'All' is selected or 'Range' if not all pages are required.
  5. Your document may be set up as spreads but if you don’t want your PDF in spreads, select the option 'pages' not 'spreads'.
  6. If bleed is required in your document, on the 'Marks and Bleeds' tab,select 'Crop Marks' and 'Use Document Bleed Settings'.
  7. Select Export.

Contact us

For any help on submitting Indesign files for printing please call 01225 384927 or email