Digital Marketing and Communications

Project team reviewing a creative website project

Digital Marketing and Communications

We're responsible for managing the strategic direction, overall structure, content, design and technical integrity of the University's websites.

We support people and projects

We provide departments and faculties with expert advice and skills, supporting the development of creative ideas and problem solving. Whether you're looking to kick off a major web project or having problems with the CMS, there's a range of ways we can support you.

We give valuable training

Our content and technical teams provide training courses that will give you the skills and confidence to create well-presented, engaging and valuable web content and well-structured pages.

We provide resources and guides

To help you work with your website, we've created a series of useful guides and resources for writing content and creating web pages.

We set policy

It's our job to keep on top of the latest laws and best practices that affect how we create and display content, and to help everyone to understand and use them. We've set up Digital Publishing Guidelines to help us all work in the same way - if you have any specific questions just get in touch with us.