Digital Marketing and Communications

Guidelines and resources

We understand that there's a lot to learn about working with websites, so we've brought all the important information you need to know together in one place.

Publishing guidelines and accessibility

If you're publishing any kind of information online, documents included, you must read our Digital Publishing Guidelines

Creating content that is accessible to all is at the very heart of our guidelines. To help you produce web pages and documents that meet the standards the University strives for, we've created information and guides:

Writing for the web

Website visitors use online information differently to physical documents, so producing content for the web needs a specific approach. We've created guides to help you with every stage of creating your content:

Using the Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) is the tool we use to manage the University's online content. Like any software package, we all need help to get the most out of it.

Support and feedback

We want our online resources to be really useful. Email with any questions or suggestions and we'll create new information to share with everyone.