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Directors of Studies by department

Architecture & Civil Engineering

Mr M Wickens Director of Teaching (UG
Dr M Harney Director of Teaching (PGT)
Dr R Codinhoto MSc Modern Building Design
Dr A Copping MSc International Construction Management
Dr M Evernden Undergraduate Civil Engineering/Civil & Architectural Engineering
Dr M Forsyth MSc/PG Dip Conservation of Historical Buildings
Mr M Wickens MArch Architecture
Mr D Griffiths PG Certificate in Professional Practice
Dr S Lo MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Architectural: Facade Engineering
Dr N McCullen MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design
Dr K Paine MSc/PG Dip/PG Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials
Dr D Wong BSc (Hons) Architecture
Dr A Darby MPhil In Innovative Structural Engineering
Professor V Hart MPhil in Architectural History & Theory
Dr T Kershaw MPhil in Digital Architectonics
Dr T Kershaw PG Research Students



Biology and Biochemistry

Dr C Todd Director of Teaching
  UG Biology, Biochemistry & MCB Programmes
Dr M Hejmadi MSc/MRes Programmes
Dr A Jeffries UG Biomedical Sciences Programme
Dr J Mason PG Research Students

Chemical Engineering

Dr J Chew Director of Teaching
Dr C McFarlane MSc/PG Dip Integrated Environmental Management
Dr R Sharma UG Programmes
Dr M Bird PG Research Students



Dr M Jones Director of Learning and Teaching
Dr F Dickinson UG Programmes: Year 1
Dr M Mahon UG Programmes: Year 2
Professor I H Williams UG Programmes: Year 3 & 4
Mrs F Guiso Gallisai Integrated PhD Sustainable Chemical Technologies
Dr S Flower MRes/MSc Chemistry for Drug Discovery
Dr A Johnson PG Research Students

Centre for Learning and teaching

Dr L Banovcova Bath Course
Dr R Carkett Bath Scheme

Computer Science

Dr A Hayes Director of Teaching
Dr R Hourizi UG Programmes: Placement Year
Dr F Nemetz UG Progammes: Year 1 & 2
Dr J Power UG Programmes: Lead DoS & Final Year
Dr J Laird EngD in Digital Entertainment
Dr M De Vos MSc Programmes
Dr J Laird PG Research Students



Professor C Martin Director of Learning and Teaching
Dr C Winnet BSc (Hons) Economics: Year 1
Dr M De Tina BSc (Hons) Economics: Year 2 & 3
Dr M Sarigiannidou BSc (Hons) Economics & Politics and BSc (Hons) Economics & Mathematics
Dr A Halunga MSc Economics & MSc Economics with Finance
Dr T Wenzel MSc Applied Economics
Dr K Tsutsui MRes Economics
Professor J Jaideep PG Research Students



Dr S Martin Director of Learning and Teaching
Ms E Barrett Hacking MA Education Programmes
Ms E Barrett Hacking MA International Education & Globalisation
Dr S Carr BA Education with Psychology
Mrs G Edwards Generally Available Units
Dr H Santiago Sanchez MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Dr M Jones
MRes Education
Dr J McKinley MPhil & PhD in Education
Mr M Fertig Doctorate in Education

Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Dr I Astin Director of Teaching
Dr S Pennock UG Programmes
Dr R Dunn MSc/PG Dip Electrical Power Systems (full-time)
Dr P Iravani IMME Programmes
Dr F Robinson MSc/PG Dip Electrical Power Systems (by distance learning)
Dr P Wilson PG Cert, PG Dip, MSc Mechatronics & PG Cert, PG Dip, MSc Electronic Systems Design
Dr M Fullekrug PG Research Students

Faculty/School Directors of Doctoral Studies

Dr S Clift Faculty of Engineering and Design
Professor B Verplanken Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr I Davies School of Management
Dr I Eggleston Faculty of Science




Dr A Bush Director of Learning and Teaching
Dr R Arnold BSc/MSci Sport and Exercise Science
Dr F Bisset FdSc/BSc Addictions Counselling
Dr K Papps MRes Heath and Well-being
Dr J Turner BSc/MSci Health and Exercise Science
Dr F Gillison BSc Physical Activity & Health
Dr P McGuigan MSc Sport Physiotherapy (distance learning) and MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine (distance learning)
Dr S Miller MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Sport & Exercise Medicine (Clinical DoS)
Dr B Millington BA Sport & Social Sciences
Mr J Fern FdSc/BSc Sports (Sports Performance)
Dr D Wainwright Professional Doctorate in Health (distance learning) (DHealth)
Dr E Rich PG Research Students


Learning Partnerships

Dr Florin Bisset Head of Learning Partnerships


School of Management

Dr P Baker BSc Accounting & Finance
Dr D Desrocher MRes in Management
Mr M Willis MSc Finance suite
Dr G Erodgan MSc Business Analytics
Dr A Graves MSc Innovation & Technology Management
Dr N K Hansen MSc Human Resource Management & Consulting
Mrs S Jones BSc Business Administration
Dr Z Lee MSc Marketing suite
Dr B Oliveira MSc in Entrepreneurship & Management
Dr F Petropoulos MSc Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Dr T Roath Director of Exchange Students
Dr T Roath & Dr R Kamm BSc Management Suite
Dr P Tomlinson MSc International Management
Dr K Iatridis MSc Sustainabiity & Management
Mr D Lancaster Part-time Executive MBA
Mrs D Lewis Full-time MBA
Dr M Battarra MSc Management Suite
Dr F Qin Joint Programmes
Professor M Lewis EngD in Systems
Professor A Rixom DBA in Higher Education Management
Dr I Davies
PG Research Students


Mathematical Sciences

Dr J White Director of Learning and Teaching
Professor H Logemann UG Programmes
Dr M Hurn UG Programmes
Professor A King
UG Programmes
Dr J D Evans Service Teaching
Dr H Schwetlick Integrated PhD statistical Applied Mathematics
Dr A Hill PG Research Students


Mechanical Engineering

Dr M Wilson Director of Teaching
Dr M Wilson UG Programmes
Dr S Cayzer PGT Programmes
Professor A Graves MSc Innovation & Technology Management
Professor S Newman EngD in Systems
Dr D N Johnston PG Research Students


Natural Sciences

Dr P Snow Director of Teaching
Dr A Bolhuis Undergraduate: Year 1 & 2
Dr Stephen Flower Undergraduate: Year 3 & 4


Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Dr P Rogers Director of Teaching
  MPharm Pharmacy
Dr C Edmead UG Pharmacology Programmes
Dr P Mitchell PGT Programmes
Dr L Caggiano PG Research Students


Dr F R Laughton Director of Teaching & Resources
Dr S Davies BSc Mathematics & Physics
Dr G Mathlin UG Programmes: Year 1 & 2
Dr A Gorbach UG Programmes: Year 3 & 4
Dr S Gordeev PG Research Students


Politics, Languages and International Studies

Dr A Mondon Director of Teaching
Dr S Alegre BA Modern Languages & European Studies: Year 1 & 2
Dr J Ferrero BA Modern Lanugages & European Studies: Year 3 & 4
Dr D Cutts MRes European Politics
  MRes & SWDTC Studentships
Dr A Purdekova MRes in Politics & International Studies
Dr L Wehner MA in Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) & Contemporary Tans-Atlantic Studies (Trans-Atlantic masters)
  MA in International Relations & European Politics
  MA in International Relations
  MA International Security
Dr D Moon BSc Politics with Economics: Year 1 & 2
  BAs in Language & Politics: Year 1 & 2
  BA Politics with International Relations: Year 1 & 2
Mr H White BSc Politics with Economics: Year 3 & 4
  BAs in Language & Politics: Year 3 & 4
  BA Politics with International Relations: Year 3 & 4
Dr I Macias BSc International Management & Modern Languages: Year 1 & 2
Dr B Dillet BSc International Management & Modern Languages: Year 3 & 4
Dr N Parish
MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Interpreting & Translating
  MA in Translation & Professionla Language Skills
  MA Translation with Business Interpreting (Chinese)
Dr I Engeli PG Research Students


Dr R Joiner Director of Teaching
Mr I Fairholm BSc Psychology (Deputy DoS)
Dr J Gavin MRes in Psychology
Dr N Hinvest BSc/MSci Psychology
  MSc Applied Psychology with Economics
Dr L Smith UG (Deputy DoS) (Assessment)
Dr A Russell MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology
Dr P Smith MSc in Health Psychology
Dr T Kurz MRes Energy, Environment & Resiliance
Dr C Hamilton-Giachritsis Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy)
Dr G Fairchild PG Research Students


Social & Policy Sciences

Dr K Woodthorpe Director of Teaching
Dr R Jawad UG Programmes: Year 1
Dr S Moore UG Programmes: Year 2, 3 & 4
Dr J Dixon MSc Social Research
Dr O Walton MSc International Development
Dr A Charles BSc International Development with Economics
Dr P Ozieranski BSc Sociology, BSc Social Policy, BSc Social Sciences & BSc Sociology & Social Policy
Ms C Hickman BSc Social Work & Applied Social Studies
Dr K Papps MRes Programmes
Dr L Brown Professional Doctorate in Policy Research & Practice
Dr T Skinner PG Research Students