08 The Bath Perspective The University of Bath School of Management Corporate Partnership Scheme Strong partners The Corporate Partnership Scheme was launched in Spring 2008 at the University of Bath School of Management. We are proud to say that the group now includes: Nestlé, Zurich, Intel, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Lloyds Banking Group and BP. Raising organizations' profiles The scheme enables selected organizations to have a higher profile within the School of Management. A mutually beneficial and tailored package of activities has been developed for each partner according to their strategic objectives. Delivering high calibre students Established partners have highlighted that they require a strategy which delivers a pool of interested, high calibre students who can be assessed over time in relation to their potential organizational fit and capability. Broad base of activities The strategy demands a broad base of activities which reinforce one another and result in successful recruitment. Part of the challenge is in keeping a particular organization's brand "top of mind" throughout the longer degree programmes and beyond the placement opportunities. In consultation with the partners we have developed a programme of activities designed to raise awareness within the student population. Portfolio of programmes The School provides a portfolio of programmes which can help feed an organization's talent recruitment strategy: · BScBusinessAdministration­four-year programme with the opportunity to offer placements at year two and year three together with project work in year four. · BScAccountancyandFinance­optional third-year placements with availability to recruit the following year. · MScinAdvancedManagementPractice ­ placement from April to September with graduates immediately available for hire. · MScinManagement/MScinMarketing/ MSc in Accounting & Finance ­ no placement opportunities, but high recruitment potential as graduates are "business ready" after a one-year intensive programme following a good undergraduate degree. Corporate Partner Proposal Different activities can be used to support an overall strategy of graduate recruitment as illustrated below Increase awareness of graduate opportunities Generate talent pool for selection process Build brand endearment Scholarship, prizes, induction week 1-Year/6-month placement opportunities Business games, guest speakers, site visits etc. Recruit top Final-year projects, campus presentations talent