010 The Bath Perspective MBA Student of the Year: Susan Mawemuko The Independent MBA Student of the Year Award, organised by The Association of MBAs, is considered by many to be the ultimate accolade for MBA students. Bath MBA student, Susan Mawemuko, was one of only four, and the only one from a UK business school, to make it through to the final of the competition. Susan triumphed, despite tough competition, and went on to win the title for 2010. According to the Association of MBAs: "Each year we receive a growing number of applications from business schools all over the world and the quality of students nominated for the award never fails to impress." Born and raised in Uganda, Susan has overcome many odds to be where she is today. Susan, also a graduate of Makerere University Kampala, spent the early months after her degree volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Uganda Red Cross Society, educating people about the deadly Ebola disease. Working with international education programs in Kampala, she later joined Makerere University School of Public Health where she has been employed for the last eight years, rising rapidly through the ranks to her latest position as Program Officer of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HIV/AIDS Fellowship Program in Uganda. Susan's long-term plan is to use her entrepreneurial knowledge to support local communities to engage in start-up businesses to reduce poverty. She also plans to start her own management consultancy to support health institutions to build the local capacity for systems development and to be able to address management challenges. She believes her MBA will enable her to serve her country better. Susan comments: "For me, this award is a phenomenal life achievement which should inspire and motivate all other students, and especially women, who struggle to overcome barriers to get to where they want to be. "It means I can mentor students who are interested in the MBA and its associated careers globally with greater confidence and influence. I can now support health research scientists at home and abroad with greater knowledge, exposure and skills. "As an ambassador for the Bath MBA and the School of Management, this award will take me places and to greater heights. The Bath MBA has given me the opportunity to unlock and utilise my