Department of Economics

Internal economics seminars

Seminars 2016-17

Date Time Speaker Title Room
19 October 2016 1:15pm Peter Postl Optimal size of majoritarian committees 3E 3.5
26 October 2016 1:15pm Simon Sosvilla Rivero (Complutense University of Madrid) Using connectedness analysis to assess financial stress transmission in EMU sovereign bond markets volatility 3E 3.5
02 November 2016 1:15pm Elnaz Bajoori Optimal guidelines for a delegated search with adverse selection and moral hazard 3E 3.5
16 November 2016 1:15pm From High School to the High Chair: Education and Fertility Timing 3E 3.5
23 November 2016 1:15pm Pablo Winant (Bank of England) Managing Capital Outflows: The Role of Foreign Exchange Intervention 3E 3.5
30 November 2016 1:15pm Oriol Tejada (ETH Zurich) First Proposal to Minorities or How to Channel the Say in Politics 3E 3.5
07 December 2016 1:15pm Andreas Schäfer (ETH Zurich)
Dirty History Versus Clean Expectations: Can Energy Policies Provide Momentum for Growth?  (Together with Lucas Bretschger)
3E 3.5
14 December 2016 1:15pm Michael Finus Public Good Agreements under the Weakest-link Technology 3E 3.5
15 February 2017 1.15pm Simon Sosvilla Rivero
 (Complutense University of Madrid)
Heterogeneity in the debt-growth nexus: Evidence from EMU countries (jointly written with Marta Gómez-Puig, Universitat de Barcelona) 3E 3.5
22 February 2017 1.00pm

Ronald Harstad
(University of Missouri)

TBC 4E 3.38 
8 March 2017 1.15pm Javier Rivas TBC 3E 3.5
15 March 2017 1.15pm Chris Martin Endogenous Effort and the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle 3E 3.5
22 March 2017 1.15pm Salomon Faure
(ETH Zurich)
Money creation, monetary policy and capital regulation 3E 3.5
29 March 2017 1.15pm Asgerdur Petursdottir TBC 3E 3.5
26 April 2017 1.15pm Bin Peng To Lie or Not to Lie: Survey Mode Effects on the Validity of Self-Reported Substance Use Data 3E 3.5
17 May 2017 1.15pm Hippu Nathan
(National Institute of Advanced Studies)
On the Human Development Index - the old, the new and the elegant 1E 2.4

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