Department of Economics

Working Papers

2018 papers


Title Author
Higher education and the fall and rise of inequality
  • Andreas Schaefer
  • Klaus Prettner
The impact of green preferences on the relevance of history versus expectations
  • Andreas Schaefer
  • Anna Stünzi

The portfolio balance channel: an analysis on the impact of quantitative easing on the US stock markets

  • Imran Shah
  • Francesca Schmidt-Fischer
  • Issam Malki

Covariance and Risk and the Ripple Effect in the UK Regional Housing Market


Measures to Enhance the Effectiveness of International Climate Agreements: The Case of Border Carbon Adjustments


The Formation and Malleability of Dietary Habits: A Field Experiment with Low income Families


A Computer-Based Incentivized Food Basket Choice Tool: Presentation and Evaluation

Distributional Perfect Equilibrium in Bayesian Games with Applications to Auctions (revised version of 2013 paper)


Buying Supermajorities in the Lab


2017 papers

Title Author

On the Existence of Political Corruption


Endogenous Learning to Reduce Uncertainty in Climate Change: The Role of Knowledge Spillovers and the Degree of Cooperation in International Environmental Agreements
Revisiting the Dynamic Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Small Developing Economies
How Should Central Banks Respond to Non-neutral Inflation Expectations?
How Do Oil Prices, Macroeconomic Factors and Policies Affect the Market for Renewable Energy?
Does Patient Health Behaviour respond to Doctor’s Effort?
Heterogeneity in the debt-growth nexus: Evidence from EMU countries
  • Marta Gómez-Puiga
  • Simón Sosvilla-Rivero
Strategic Environmental Policy, International Trade and Self-enforcing Agreements: The Role of Consumers' Taste for Variety
Fear connectedness among asset classes
  • Julián Andrada-Félix
  • Adrian Fernandez-Perez
  • Simón Sosvilla-Rivero
Clustered Pricing in the Corporate Loan Market: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Volatility spillovers between foreign-exchange and stock markets
  • Amalia Morales-Zumaquero
  • Simón Sosvilla-Rivero

2016 papers

Title Author
Search, Shirking and Labor Market Volatility
  • Chris Martin
  • Binsong Wang
Lobbying, Campaign Contributions and Political Competition
Volatility transmission between stock and exchange-rate markets: A connectedness analysis
  • Fernando Fernandez-Rodriguez
  • Simon Sosvilla-Rivero
Monetary policy in the Small Open Economy with Market Segmentation
Public Good Agreements under the Weakest-link Technology
Climate Agreements in a Mitigation-Adaptation Game
Financial Frictions in the Small Open Economy
  • Jae Hun Shim
Domestic politics and the formation of international environmental agreements
  • Carmen Marchiori
  • Simon Dietz
  • Alessandro Tavoni
From High School to the High Chair: Education and Fertility Timing
Growth and Welfare under Endogenous Lifetime
Common value elections with private information and informative priors: theory and experiments
Suboptimality with land

2015 papers

Title Author
Short sales, destruction of resources, welfare
Optimal size of majoritarian committees under persuasion
Interdependence among Agricultural Commodity Markets, Macroeconomic Factors, Crude Oil and Commodity Index
Evaluating the Spillover Effects of the Plan Colombia in Ecuador
The Anti-paradox of Cooperation: Diversity Pays!
Analysing the Effectiveness of International Environmental Policies: The Case of the Kyoto Protocol
Networks, Percolation, and Demand
The Economic Effects of Political Violence: Evidence from the Genocide in Rwanda
The Cost of Binge Drinking
The return to agricultural advice in Ethiopia: A rationale for a success story?
Comparing Corruption in Ethiopia and Sudan
Long Run Dynamics of World Food, Crude Oil Prices and Macroeconomic Variables: A Cointegration VAR Analysis

2014 papers

Title Author
How important is the Financial Sector to Price Indices in an Inflation Targeting Regime? Empirical Analysis of the UK and the US
The Tribes that Bind: Attitudes to the Tribe and Tribal Leader in the Sudan
Bribery and Identity: Evidence from Sudan
Assymetric Adjustment and Intervention in the UK Housing Market
A Discrete Choice Model of Transitions to Sustainable Technologies
Chasing the Gap: Speed Limits and Optimal Monetary Policy
Search Frictions, Efficiency Wages and Equilibrium Unemployment
Incentives and Children's Dietary Choices: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools
Agricultural shocks and riots: A disaggregated analysis
  • Christian Almer
  • Jeremy Laurent-Lucchetti
  • Manuel Oechslin
The Policy Window: The Impact of Financial Stress in the UK
Regime Change and Critical Junctures
International Environmental Agreements with Uncertainty, Learning and Risk Aversion
Optimism, Job Satisfaction and Self-Employment
  • Chris Dawson
Bribery and Identification: Evidence from Sudan
Mechanism Design and Robust Control
A New Perspective on the Issue of Selection Bias into Randomized Controlled Field Experiments

2013 papers

Title Author
How do housing prices adjust after an environmental shock? Evidence from a state-mandated change in aircraft noise exposure
  • Christian Almer
  • Stefan Boes
  • Stephan Nuesch
Corruption and Hold-up: the role of intermediaries
Preemptive Bribery with Incomplete Information
Private Agenda and Re-election Incentives
Distributional Perfect Equilibrium in Bayesian Games with Applications to Auctions
Behavioral Perfect Equilibrium in Bayesian Games

2012 papers

Title Author
Group Inequality and Conflict
Scope and compatibility of measures in international fisheries agreements
Emissions trading with non-signatories in a climate agreement - An analysis of coalition stability
  • Kai Lessmann
  • Robert Marschinski
  • Michael Finus
  • Ulrike Kornek
  • Ottmar Edenhoferhn
Internet Banking and the Marginal Internet User
A New Class of Welfare Maximizing Stable Sharing Rules for Partition Function Games with Externalities
The Role of Uncertainty and Learning for the Success of International Climate Agreements
The Current Account and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in African Countries
  • Ahmad Hassan Ahmad
  • Eric J. Pentecost
The Impact of Governmental Signals on Environmental Morale. A ‘Behavioural’ Approach
  • Lory Barile
Quantitative Easing: a Sceptical Survey
The Life and Death of Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit
  • Michael Godwin
  • Colin Lawson

2011 papers

Title Author
Wage discrimination and population composition
The Model of Commodity Prices after Sir Arthur Lewis Revisited
  • Atanu Ghoshray
  • Ashira Perera
The Unemployment Puzzle of Corporate Taxation
Social Capital and Health: A Longitudinal Analysis from the British Household Panel Survey
Work Now, Pay Later? An Empirical Analysis of the Pension-Pay Trade Off
Paid to Perform? Compensation Profiles under Pure Wage and Performance Related Pay Arrangements
Sovereign Credit Default Swaps and the Macroeconomy
Uncovered Interest Parity and the Risk Premium
The Unemployment Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility in Industrial Countries

2010 papers

Title Author
Provider Incentives and Delivery of Developmental Goods
Informality, Corruption and Inequality
Environmental Policy and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Europe
How Are They Spending my Taxes? Tax Compliance And Citizens’ Interest in Politics
Treatment Interactions with Non-Experimental Data in Stata
  • Graham Brown
  • Thanos Mergoupis
Who is Anti-American in the European Union?
Nationality Discrimination in the Labor Market: Theory and Test
Environmental Decision Making and Behaviours: How do People Choose How to Travel to Work?
  • Steven Arnold
Pricing Options under Jump-Diffusion Models by Adaptive Radial Basic Functions
  • Ron Chan
Financial Stability and Monetary Policy
Environmental Taxes and Economic Growth: Evidence from Panel Causality Tests
On Measuring Vulnerability to Poverty
Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of Environmental Taxes
Venture Capital Availability and Labor Market Performance in Industrial Countries: Evidence Based on Survey Data

2009 papers

Title Author
Tenure, Wage Profiles and Monitoring
Demand for Electricity Connection in Rural Areas: The Case of Kenya
  • Sabah Abdullah
  • P. Wilner Jeanty
Rural electrification programmes in Kenya: Policy conclusion from a valuation study
  • Sabah Abdullah
  • Anil Markandya
Participation, Spectatorship and Media Coverage in Sport
  • Peter Dawson
  • Paul Downward
Job Satisfaction and Employment Equity in South Africa
  • Tim Hinks
The European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme: Political Economy and Bureaucratic Rent-Seeking
  • Graham Mallard
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union since the fall of the Berlin Wall: Review of the changes in the environment and natural resources
  • Anil Markandya
  • Wan-Jung Chou
Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks of Privatisation and FDI: A Comparative Study between Egypt and Argentina
  • Rania Ihab Naguib
Causes of the Financial Crisis: An Assessment using UK Data
Scale Economies and Heterogeneity in Business Money Demand: The Italian Experience
  • Piero Ganugi
  • Luigi Grossi
  • Giancarlo Ianulardo
Gini’s Transvariation Analysis: An Application on Financial Crises in Developing Countries
  • Daniela Bragoli
  • Piero Ganugi
  • Giancarlo Ianulardo
Choice Experiment Study on the Willingness to Pay to Improve Electricity Services
  • Sabah Abdullah
  • Petr Mariel
The Impact of Parental Education on Earnings: New Wine in an Old Bottle?
Estimating Historical Energy Security Costs
The Quality of the Legal System and Labor Market Performance around the World
Nonlinear Price Transmission in Wheat Export Prices
  • Atanu Ghoshray
A Different Rationale for Redistribution: Pursuit of Happiness in the European Union
Crime and Happiness Amongst Heads of Households in Malawi
  • Simon Davies
  • Tim Hinks
The Influence of Social Pressure and Nationality on Individual Decisions: Evidence from the Behaviour of Referees
  • Peter Dawson
  • Stephen Dobson
Valuation of Marine Ecosystem Threshold Effects: Application of Choice Experiments to Value Algal Bloom in the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria
  • Tim Taylor
  • Alberto Longo
Talking up Social Capital: An Analysis of Social Voice
Exchange Rates and Stock Prices in the Long Run and Short Run
The Belarusian Case of Transition: Whither Financial Repression?
  • Julia Korosteleva
  • Colin Lawson
Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Household Well-Being
  • Ramses H. Abul Naga
  • Karine Lamiraud
Statistical Inference for Multidimensional Inequality Indices
  • Ramses H. Abul Naga
The Sub-Prime Crisis and UK Monetary Policy