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Dr Elnaz Bajoori

Elnaz Bajoori

Lecturer in Mathematical EconomicsPhD

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Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5680


PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying:

  • Game Theory
  • Auction Theory
  • Delegated search
  • Decision making under uncertainty

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Elnaz Bajoori joined the Department of Economics in September 2013 as a Lecturer. She did her undergraduate studies in pure mathematics at Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran and completed her PhD in Game Theory at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands in October 2013.

Her research interests are generally in Mathematical Economics and Game theory. Specifically, she is interested in refinement theory and equilibrium selection in different game theoretical models.

She has been working on the refinement concept of trembling hand perfect equilibrium in normal form games with compact action spaces as well as the extension of trembling hand perfect equilibrium to games with incomplete information. She applies her results to one of the important economic models, i.e. auctions.

Moreover, her research interests include refinements of sequential equilibrium and perfect Bayesian equilibrium and their applications.

Research interests

  • Game Theory
  • Auction Theory
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Economic Theory


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Bajoori, E., Flesch, J. and Vermeulen, D., 2016. Behavioral perfect equilibrium in Bayesian games. Games and Economic Behavior, 98, 78–109.

Bajoori, E., Flesch, J. and Vermeulen, D., 2013. Perfect equilibrium in games with compact action spaces. Games and Economic Behavior, 82, pp. 490-502.

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