Department of Economics

Dr Haibao Wen

Teaching fellow with mathematical expertise in modelling and programming

Teaching FellowPhD

3 East 4.27


Haibao Wen joined the Department of Economics in January 2015. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Physics from Lancaster University. Prior to the current post, he worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College London. His previous work mainly involves applying mathematics to various areas of physics and engineering.

Recently he has been interested in modelling economic issues with nonlinear dynamics, percolation theory (mathematics of connectivity), and network topology, as well as Agent-Based-Modelling with parameterization of inhomogeneous consumers, suppliers, and financial traders.

Research interests

  • Nonlinear dynamics, percolation theory, and network topology in economics
  • Agent-Based-Modelling
  • Trading strategy investigations in various financial markets
  • Parameterization of inhomogeneous customers, suppliers, and traders


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