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John Hudson

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  • Development economics
  • Regional economics
  • Standards and the economics of regulation

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John Hudson is a Professor in Economics. He joined the University of Bath in 1979. Prior to that he was a research assistant and lecturer at Durham and Sheffield Universities respectively and was also completing his Phd thesis at the University of Warwick. This thesis, which was on inflation, was eventually published in a book the American library journal Choice chose as one of its outstanding books of the year.

Prior to going to University John Hudson worked in industry for almost eight years in the West Midlands, becoming a skilled toolsetter. For fifty years he has also suffered the trials and tribulations of supporting Birmingham City.

In addition to academic research Professor Hudson has in the past been engaged by the Department of Trade and Industry, along with Professor Keith Cuthbertson, to build a forecasting model of company liquidations and business bankruptcies and by the Planning Bureau in Cyprus to build a macroeconomic model of the Cypriot economy.

More recently Professor Hudson has been appointed as a member of the Panel of Economists advising the South West Regional Development Agency and DFID to examine aid volatility. This combining of academic and advisory roles is felt to be an important aspect of the modern economist's job and significantly informs his teaching. For example, first year macro-economics includes sections on bankruptcies and macro-economic modelling, both of which are closely related to Professor Hudson's research interests.

Research interests

  • Development
  • Bankruptcies
  • Informational asymmetry and signalling
  • Taxation
  • Standards
  • Law abidance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Altruism
  • Transition economies
  • Political economics interface

The contents of a recent lecture given in Slovakia at Banska Bystrica and Liptovsky Mikulas can be seen at: Lecture April 2007.


Professor Hudson has published more than 60 papers in refereed journals, including:

  • The Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • The Economic Journal
  • The European Journal of Political Economy
  • The Journal of Public Economics
  • Economics Letters
  • Kyklos
  • The International Review of Law and Economics
  • The British Journal of Political Sciences
  • Political Studies
  • The Journal of Banking and Finance
  • The Journal of Economic and Behavioral Organization

These publications span a wide range of areas including bankruptcies, inflation, unemployment, the impact of development aid, standardization, taxation, altruism as well as the politico-economic interface.
For example, first year macro-economics includes sections on bankruptcies and macro-economic modelling, both of which are closely related to Professor Hudson's research interests.

A belief that economics, widely defined, is a coherent and interrelated discipline in which developments in one area can influence developments in other areas is a key feature of his work. An example of this is applying the literature on combining forecasts from different experts to the optimal manner in which to combine stochastic signals of quality. A further foundation on which his work is based is the use of advanced empirical techniques in both time series and cross section analysis. Finally, there is the belief, partly stemming from his time in industry, that research should be relevant to the real world and real world problems. Apart from academic papers he has also presented many conference papers and chaired many conference sessions in Britain, North America and Europe.

Details on many of my publications, some of which are downloadable, can be found at Econpapers.

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