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Professor Shasi Nandeibam

Professor in Economics & International Development

3 East 4.23
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 4529

PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying:

  • Asymmetric information and incentives (contract theory)
  • Social choice and welfare
  • Mathematical economics

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Shasikanta Nandeibam joined the Department in 2004 as Professor of Economics and International Development.  Previously, he was a Reader in Economics at the University of Birmingham. 

His main areas of specialism are mathematical economics and microeconomic theory.  In recent years he has also started working in the economics of recycling and labour economics.  He has published in journals such as Economic Theory, Social Choice and Welfare, Mathematical Social Sciences, Econometric Theory and the Journal of Economic Theory.  Currently, he is involved with the GLAMURS project which is funded by the EU under FP7.

Research interests

  • Asymmetric information and incentives
  • Social choice and welfare
  • Decision theory
  • Economics of waste management


Book Sections

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