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MA Education frequently asked questions


Do I have to pay all the fees up front?

Fees for part-time distance learner students on the MA Education programme are on a pay as you go basis, payable at the start of each unit.

When do I need to pay my fees?

Once you have selected your unit(s) an invoice will be sent out and you then have 28 days to pay. Invoices can be generated for individuals or sponsors, and payment can be made via cash, cheque, credit card, or bank transfer.

Study options

How do I select which units I want to study?

You must complete an Enrolment Form to select which unit(s) they want to study. Forms must be submitted four weeks before the start of a unit.

When can I select a study pathway?

You initially apply for the MA Education. If you have completed the relevant units then you can officially select a study pathway at the end of the taught stage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you take the correct units for a particular pathway.

Can I complete a unit in a week at a summer school or study centre?

Summer schools and study centres offer you the chance to experience intensive face-to-face teaching at the start of a unit. Following this, you have the standard six months to carry out further reading and research, and write and submit your assignment.

Will I be a qualified teacher on completion of the MA Education?

No, you will not be a qualified teacher on completion of the programme.

Current students

Where can I find the deadline dates for submission of assignments?

This can be found within your welcome email, sent at the beginning of the unit.