Department of Education

Summer School FAQs

When do I need to pay my fees?

You pay a deposit when you apply to take a unit. This deposit is non-refundable. It is deducted from the total unit fee.

Once your have paid your deposit your place on your chosen unit will be confirmed.

For those studying the MA Education programme - the unit deposit is £200 per-unit and each unit costs £1,150 plus a £50 administration fee. The deadline for payment in full is:

  • 21 May 2018 for new students
  • 11 June 2018 for returning students

For those studying the Doctor of Education programme - the unit deposit is £300 per-unit plus a £50 administration fee. You must pay the balance before the start of the unit.

How many units can I study at any one time?

On the MA Education programme you may study up to two units at any one time. It is not possible to study two units in the same week as each unit will be taught from Monday to Friday during a week. If you want to study two units you will be attending Summer School for two weeks.

On the Doctor of Education programme you may study one unit at any one time.

When should I book my travel?

All MA and EdD units will be running at Summer School therefore you can book your travel as soon as you wish.

What if I need to cancel my unit registration?

If you decide to cancel your unit registration, you will be charged the deposit fee.

How do I book accommodation during Summer School?

Accommodation can be booked on campus for the Summer School.

If you require accommodation outside of the Summer School dates then email:

What if I need to cancel my accommodation?

Please contact your accommodation provider. If you have booked accommodation on campus, please refer to the cancellation terms you received with your booking confirmation or check the terms and conditions.

If you have booked the accommodation in Polden Court and need to cancel please email with your name and booking reference and your refund will be processed. Cancellations up to 7 days before arrival will be fully refunded. Cancellations or alterations within 7 days of arrival will be charged a one night cancellation fee and refunded the remaining balance.

How much time will I spend in class?

The teaching sessions run from 9am - 12pm (midday) and 2.30pm - 5.30pm each day with a break partway through both the morning and the afternoon sessions.

  • For Doctor of Education units, the first unit session is on the Wednesday morning. The unit finishes at 5.30pm on Wednesday.
  • For MA Education units, the first unit session is on the Monday morning. The unit finishes at 12pm (midday) on Friday.

On the first day of each unit there are various induction sessions, so make sure you schedule your time so you can attend those sessions.

How much time will I spend with my tutors?

You will be with your tutor (or one of your tutors if a group of staff are running a unit) during the taught sessions. There are also other times to meet with staff, for example, during the social events during Summer School and during the breaks between and during unit sessions.

If there are small numbers of students attending some MA units then there will be less direct contact time with the tutors.

Do I need to bring any readings with me?

An indicative reading list will be sent to you prior to you attending the unit on campus. This list will indicate any preparatory readings you need to do before you arrive. The University library will open during your time here.

As those who are familiar with the UK climate will know, the weather in July – as at other times of year – is unpredictable! While we hope that this year, as for many previous Summer Schools, the weather will be sunny and warm, it may be advisable to bring at least one set of warm clothing and a waterproof jacket and/or umbrella – just in case!

Where can I find more information on public transport?

You can find information on local travel on the getting here pages.

What if I need a Visa?

Please allow extra time with your application if you need to apply for a visa.

We are able to provide visa letters if you are overseas and wish to come to the Summer School, but please ensure that you are as accurate and prompt as possible when you send in your application form and payment. We can email you a scanned visa letter free of charge but if you need an original to be sent by courier, there is an additional charge of £35.00.

I want to come to Bath to work on my MA Education Dissertation / Doctor of Education Research Enquiry during Summer School. What should I do?

Summer School is a great time to work on your Dissertation or Research Enquiry. You can access the texts/journals directly in the library, there are other students around who are studying for their masters degrees and doctorates, and most members of staff will be working in the Department.

Please note there isn’t a separate Dissertation week during Summer School. You can come at any time during Summer School to undertake dissertation study. This facility is for students who have already begun their dissertation, have formally registered and been allocated a tutor.

When working on your Dissertation or Research Enquiry during Summer School there are no taught or group sessions, it is all personal study time. You are welcome to attend any of the evening receptions and the keynote lectures during Summer School, please ask for the timetable for details.

There is no fee when attending Summer School to work on your Dissertation or Research Enquiry. You can book accommodation via the Summer School accommodation form.

We strongly suggest you check with your supervisor that they will be in the Department and available to meet with you before you make your arrangements.

If you are coming make sure you have a sensible work plan. Decide what you want to complete - and can complete – while you are here. Also, make sure the accommodation you arrange will enable you to work on your dissertation efficiently – and bring everything you need!

When will I receive detailed information about what is going on while I am at Summer School?

We arrange various events during the Summer School: lectures, study support sessions, and social events.

You will receive a Summer School Handbook which will give you all the information you require for participation and will be available in June 2018.

If you need to know something while you are here which is not covered in the Handbook, then members of the Department will be very pleased to help you.