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Internationalisation and Globalisation of Education


Some of our cluster members are also editors of these peer-reviewed journals:

The major themes of this cluster concern the impact of globalisation and the internationalisation of education (through policy and organisation) on educational practices and student experiences in schools and higher education institutions.

Within these overarching themes, members of this cluster focus on particular areas including:

  • international education and international curricula in both international and national schooling systems
  • global citizenship education
  • the global impact of economic forces on higher education
  • the labour market and social mobility
  • peer relationships and learner identities
  • schools as organisations and communities of practice in international contexts.

Mobility and transition, whether in higher education, international or national schools, and formal or non-formal education, is also a theme running through much of the research of members of this cluster, whose interests also include environmental education, and the use of innovative research methods in the context of education globally.

Our staff also work as part of the Centre for the study of Education in an International Context (CEIC).

Research topics

  • Global impact of economic forces in higher education, the labour market and social mobility
  • International education in the context of international schools and international curricula
  • International education in national schooling systems
  • Peer relationships and learner identities
  • Schools as organisations and communities of practice in international contexts
  • Mobility and transition
  • Environmental education

Current research projects

Title Funder
Global Citizenship in Higher Education: Evolving Policy and Practice from a Comparative Perspective ESRC
Education and Dimensions of State Fragility University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Changing patterns in vocational entry qualifications, student support and outcomes in undergraduate degree programmes HEA
Social Media Networks and Higher Education Leadership funded by Leadership Foundation for Higher Education LFHE
European Inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning European Commission
Innovative pedagogies in combating low achievement in basic skills European Commission
Towards Sustainable and Equitable Financing of Higher Education in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro EU Tempus project
Global Skill Webs: the implications for Singapore, Institute of Adult Learning Singapore Workforce Development Agency


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