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The following international and peer-reviewed journals are edited by members of our Department.

Journal of Education and Work

Journal of Education and WorkThe Journal of Education and Work is an international forum for academic research and policy analysis that focuses on the interplay of the education and economic systems.

The Journal of Education and Work examines development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in work and employment from pre-school to university in the education system. The journal explores various forms of industrial training and accreditation in the economic system, including change in the economic and industrial infrastructure which affect the types of employees required. Work in the informal economy is also included.

The journal has a particular interest in comparative skill formation and especially the transition from education to employment, how this process is structured and managed, and its effects on the young people, schools, colleges, universities and employers.

Published papers are often interdisciplinary in nature reflecting the multifaceted nature of the journal's concerns. Articles are welcome from economists, psychologists, sociologists, educationalists, and policy analysts. The journal will publish case studies from practitioners if they present innovation grounded in relevant literature and debate.

Editor: Professor Hugh Lauder | Email:
Associate Editor: Dr Sunčica Vujić

Journal of Research in International Education

Journal of Research in International EducationThe Journal of Research in International Education (JRIE) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that advances the understanding and significance of international education. In this context, international education is concerned with the promotion of education for international understanding and human rights, and may include peace education, global education and intercultural education. Authors may address, for example, the curriculum, institutional concerns, the history of education, policy and pedagogy at all levels.

The JRIE will be of interest to researchers in higher education and to teachers and administrators in secondary and primary schools, in the international schools networks and in national systems. The JRIE is also relevant to those in Ministries of Education, in Curriculum Development Centres and in Examination Boards.

Editor: Dr Mary Hayden | Email: