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This research cluster comprises researchers with interests in the role of language and culture in the internationalisation of education. The aim is to develop and support high quality research that leads to greater understanding between people through the learning, teaching and use of language.

We focus on the following three subject areas:

  1. Language awareness and intercultural communication. This includes:
    • English for academic purposes (EAP)
    • language, culture and identity,
    • English as an International Language, English as a Lingua Franca and World Englishes
    • grammar learning and teaching
    • code switching
  2. Second language teacher education and development. This includes:
    • teacher cognition
    • pedagogy of international English language education
    • English as a medium of instruction
    • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  3. Assessment and feedback, especially language testing.

Our members specialise in the following approaches to qualitative research:

  • Case study
  • Linguistic ethnography
  • Discourse analysis, including critical and multimodal approaches

Current research projects

Research Funder
The influence of language policy and practices on MA dissertation writing: A comparative study between a bilingual South African university and a UK university, with Dr Marcelyn Oostendorp (Stellenbosch University) University of Bath
Chinese learners' perceptions and constructions of British academic culture British Academy HD081X
Feedback provision and the development of language awareness in pre-service EFL teachers in Argentina: A Cognitive Dimension University of Bath
Postgraduate students’ and tutors’ knowledge, perceptions, and beliefs about feedback provision: A multiple case study across the disciplines Higher Education Academy
Pedagogies for promoting transcultural competence: A critical review of four taught master's programmes at the University of Bath University of Bath
The role of written feedback in the development of language awareness: A multiple case study of courses on English for academic purposes at two different higher education institutions  
Conceptualisations of pedagogical contexts and development of appropriate pedagogies: A multiple-case study of pre-service language teachers working in peripheral urban state schools in São Paulo  


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