Department of Education

Re-thinking the needs of International Students' critical perspectives on the internationalisation of UK Higher Education Institutions

Research Team: John Lowe and Trevor Grimshaw
Funder: ESRC / University of Birmingham
Date of completion: ongoing


Inspired by the current fervour to ‘internationalise’ among UK HE Institutions and, in particular, the unprecedented growth in the enrolment of students from outside the UK, an ESRC seminar series was organised with the following aims:

  • To challenge cultural stereotypes of ‘the international student’
  • To explore the intercultural experiences of international students in UK Higher Education
  • To develop new theoretical understandings of factors impacting on international students’ experiences
  • To contribute to the development of UK Higher Education provision to meet the needs and challenges faced by international students
  • To contribute to the internationalisation of UK Higher Education Institutions

Further information

Four seminars were held at the universities of Birmingham, Nottingham and Bath during 2008 and 2009. View more details and presentations.