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Professor Catherine Montgomery

Specialist in internationalisation in higher education

Catherine Montgomery

Professor of Education
Director of Studies EdD

1 West North 4.4
Tel: +44 (0)1225 38 3919


I am Professor of Education in the Department of Education and joined the University of Bath in October 2016. Both my research and teaching career have largely focused on international higher education and I have developed a particular interest in international and transnational higher education in China and Vietnam. I am also interested in the developing and intensifying inequalities in globalised higher education. I have led and collaborated on international and comparative research projects in Denmark, Mexico and Vietnam (funded by a range of sources including the ESRC, the British Council and the Society for Research in Higher Education). I work closely with Tec de Monterrey in Mexico on the role of dialogic STEM education in addressing social and cultural disadvantage.

Before coming to Bath I have held research and teaching roles at the universities of Hull, Northumbria, Essex and Newcastle. For four years I was Professor of International Higher Education at the University of Hull where I co-founded the East Asia Research Collaboration Network and the Freedom to Learn project. Prior to this, I was Research Director for the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, focusing on Assessment for Learning at Northumbria University. This 5-year project centred on autonomy in learning and the balance between high-stakes testing and formative assessment in Higher Education.

I am currently Deputy Editor for the Journal of Education for Teaching.

Research interests

  • Transnational and international higher education in China
  • Internationalisation strategy and policy in higher education in Vietnam
  • The role of dialogic STEM education in addressing disadvantage in Mexico and the UK
  • Autonomy, freedom and the influence of assessment on inequalities in education
  • The experience of international students in higher education



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