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Mr Ioannis Costas Batlle

Lecturer in Education with expertise in young people's education within charities, out-of-school school activities, and youth groups

LecturerBEng, MA

1 West North 4.14
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5866

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Sport improves young people's behaviour: myth-busted?


I am interested in the role of non-formal and informal education in society. Non-formal education refers to structured learning opportunities outside of school or university, whilst informal education encompasses unplanned, spontaneous learning opportunities outside school or university.

Coming from an interdisciplinary background, my research focuses on educational theory, psychology, sociology, and social and educational policy. Using this interdisciplinary approach, my PhD explored how a UK sports charity supported disadvantaged young people's development.

I am also passionate about sharing academic research with members of the public, and I am particularly interested in the dissemination of academic findings using creative tools such as humour. In 2016, I was shortlisted for the Vice Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement in Research.

Research interests

  • Non-formal and informal education
  • Young people's development
  • Educational disadvantage
  • Neoliberalism and governmentality
  • Critical pedagogy

research projects

  • Research with the charity 1625 Independent People
  • Community Matters



Costas Batlle, I., Carr, S. and Brown, C., 2017. ‘I just can’t bear these procedures, I just want to be out there working with children’: an autoethnography on neoliberalism and youth sports charities in the UK. Sport, Education and Society

Costas Batlle, I., 2016. It's not all fart jokes: Why the social sciences should embrace stand-up comedy. TOR - The Open Review of Social Sciences, 1 (2), pp. 2-6.

Carr, S. and Costas Batlle, I., 2015. Attachment theory, neoliberalism, and social conscience. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 35 (3), pp. 160-176.

Costas Batlle, I., Carr, S. and Brown, C., 2015. Exploring sport as a site for children's relational and socio-psychological development. Procedia - Social and Behavioural Sciences, 191, pp. 1069-1076.

Non-academic press

Watson, C. and Costas Batlle, I., 2016. An education in irony:why academics need to be funny. The Conversation

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