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Dr  Michelle Suzette Jones is recognized internationally as an expert in educational leadership, professional learning and blended/flipped learning. Before taking up her most recent academic post at the University of Bath, she was Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of Educational Leadership, University of Malaya, where she led on Academic Development and Internationalization.
Dr Jones' commitment to educational excellence has driven her entire career. In 2008 she was seconded to the Welsh Government, UK as an Education Adviser and co led the national implementation of the ‘Professional Learning Communities’ programme involving every school in Wales. She has been an Education consultant for the World Bank since 2010 contributing to several research and development projects, assisting school improvement in challenging circumstances in various regions in Russia.
Most recently, she has been working with government agencies in England, Russia, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia assisting with the design and delivery of their leadership and professional learning programmes. Dr Jones is a Research Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and a Senior Research Fellow at the National Research University, Moscow Higher School of Economics.

Research interests

  • Educational Leadership
  • School and System Management
  • Leadership in South East Asia
  • Professional Learning
  • Blended & Flipped Learning

Current projects

  • 7 System Leadership Project (2012- 2017) funded by the University of Malaya (PI)
  • Instructional Leadership in Malaysia (2016-18) funded by the The Education University of Hong Kong (PI)
  • School Effectiveness and Improvement with Universities of Southampton, Glasgow and Swansea (CoI)
  • Leading School Turnaround in Indonesia and Malaysia (2016-17) funded by the Head Foundation, Singapore (PI)



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