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In January 2010, Invert's Cathryn Mitchell visited Antarctica on a mission to deploy GPS scintillation receivers. Working with the British Antarctic Survey, she placed seven receivers at various far-southern latitudes, and an eighth at the pole itself. These receivers will enable Invert (and groups around the world) to better understand the behaviour of the ionosphere above the poles. See the space weather page for more information about the science behind this expedition.

The following year, Joe Kinrade visited Antarctica to service these receivers, and collect data. See the Antarctica expedition 2011 page for details.

Cathryn sitting on ice, with a Twin Otter aeroplane, and a GPS antenna in the background.

A de Havilland Twin Otter (fitted with skis) used by the British Antarctic Survey to fly between remote sites.

Equipment is unloaded at one of the remote sites.

A field camp is set up. The Shackleton Mountains are visible in the background.

Cathryn sets up a GPS scintillation monitoring station.