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Room 2 East 4.5b

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386610 


PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying;

  • The effects of the atmosphere on GPS navigation signals
  • Tomography (medical & geophysical)
  •  Influence of the sun upon the magnetosphere and ionosphere

Prof Cathryn Mitchell

BSc, PhD


Prof Mitchell studied for a BSc and a PhD at The University of Wales Aberystwyth. She joined the University of Bath in 1999.


Prof Mitchell's research interests include the effects of atmospheric scintillation and multipath propagation on GPS navigation signals, tomography (medical and geophysical), and the influence of the sun upon the magnetosphere and ionosphere.

She is interested in radio propagation, signal processing and the inversion of multi-directional signals to reveal interesting information about the natural world.


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