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Dr Pedro Estrela

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  • Biological and chemical sensors
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Nano-biosensors


Dr Pedro Estrela

Licenciatura, Mestrado, PhD


Dr Estrela has a degree in Physics and a Masters in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science from the University of Lisbon and a PhD in Solid State Physics from the University of Amsterdam.

Before joining the University of Bath as a Lecturer in October 2008, he worked as a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (2000-2008).


Dr Estrela’s research focuses on the development of label-free electrical biosensors and chemical sensors for a wide range of applications such as medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. A particular interest is adapting conventional solid state devices such as field-effect transistors for use as biosensors in aqueous environments.

Dr Estrela research interests include label-free electrical detection of biomolecular interactions, biologically sensitive field-effect devices, detection of DNA hybridization and protein interactions, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of biological systems, use of solid state devices in aqueous environments, surface biofunctionalization, electronic addressing of microarrays, and nanobiosensors.

Dr Estrela’s work has a strong multidisciplinary nature and he has collaborations in place with electrical engineers, physicists, chemists, molecular biologists, chemical engineers and pharmacologists.


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