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Dr Chenghong Gu

BSc, MSc, PhD


Dr Chenghong Gu was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering in 2015.


Dr Gu’s research interests lie in smart multi-vector energy system modelling, analysis, markets, and the application of big data to large-scale energy systems.

He is conducting fundamental research into the modelling and analysis of combined energy networks – gas, electricity, heating and hydrogen to present new solutions to release constraints for facilitating increasing renewable and demand response.

Other research areas include:

  • smart metering
  • system planning, operation and economics
  • smart system operation, security and power quality
  • low carbon technology integration.

Dr Gu has published 12 papers on IEEE Transactions and was awarded an ‘Outstanding PhD Paper Prize’ at the 7th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM) in 2010. He has also published more than 23 other journal and conference publications.


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