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Professor Nicholas Mitchell

BSc, PhD


Prof Mitchell studied for a BSc and a PhD at The University of Sheffield. He worked at The University of Wales before joining The University of Bath in 2002.

He is a professor in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and director of the Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.  


Prof Mitchell’s research addresses the dynamics and coupling of the Earth’s Middle Atmosphere. A particular interest is investigating the role of gravity waves, tides and planetary waves in coupling the stratosphere and mesosphere to the thermosphere above and to the troposphere below.

Prof Mitchell’s research group carries out experimental work using VHF meteor radars operated at Esrange in the Arctic, Bear Lake in the US, on Ascension Island in the equatorial Atlantic and at Rothera in the Antarctic.

These measurements are complemented by satellite observations (particularly from NASA’s EOS Aura satellite), modelling studies and measurements from other ground-based instruments such as the EISCAT radars and imagers.

There is strong collaboration with The British Antarctic Survey and leading international groups in Europe, the US, Australia and Japan.


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