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Dr Steve Pennock

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Room 2 East 2.26

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386072


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PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying;

  • UHF, microwave, millimetre wave and ultra-wideband systems
  • Circuits and stimulation over broad range of application areas

Dr Stephen Pennock

BSc, PhD


Dr Steve Pennock studied for a BSc at the University of Liverpool and for a PhD at the University of Bath. He has worked at the University of Bath since 1983, where as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer he has been 2nd Year Course Director, Assistant Admissions Tutor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Admissions Tutor. 


Dr Pennock’s research covers UHF, microwave, millimetre wave and ultra-wideband systems, circuits and simulation over broad range of application areas.

Current projects include:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar, which includes investigation into ultra-wideband circuits and antennas, system design for novel deployment strategies and signal processing and data fusion techniques for standard and novel deployment strategies
  • Signal Processing and data fusion for multi-sensor schemes is developing techniques for combining data from multi-measurements of one sensor type and multiple measurements from entirely different sensor types
  • Automatic precision wear measurement systems where UHF or microwave frequency schemes are being investigated to determine wear to within 10 microns
  • Multi-standard, cognitive and white space communications - systems and strategies for using multiple radio channels operating under different radio standards to provide diverse channels for improving communications links are being studied. This includes cognitive examination of available ‘white-space’ in the radio spectrum
  • High Altitude Low Orbit communications where satellite to ground and satellite to satellite communication architectures are being studied, analysed and developed
  • Propagation modelling where analysis techniques for indoor and indoor/outdoor radio propagation environments are being studied and developed to assist in the understanding of radio propagation and the development of improved transmission techniques such as the Macro-MIMO and Distributed Base Station schemes
  • Real time tracking and positioning where radio, acoustic and optical techniques for following people and other objects and accurately determining their 3D positions within rooms and buildings are being investigated


  • RF and Microwave Circuits
  • Radio and Optical Waves for Communications
  • Digital Networks and Protocols
  • Group Design and Business Project I and II
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