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Room 2 East 2.30

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386313


PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying;

  • Study and development of superconducting devices
  • Grid integration of renewables
  • Modelling of high superconductors

Dr Min Zhang

BEng, MEng, PhD

PhD studentship available. Interested candidates should contact Dr Zhang directly.


Dr Zhang received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Tsinghua University and her PhD from the University of Cambridge.

She then became a Junior Research Fellow of Newnham College at the University of Cambridge and joined the University of Bath in 2014. Dr Zhang is currently a lecturer (Assistant Professor) and also holds a research fellowship awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering (2017-2021).


Dr Zhang’s research focuses on the application of superconductivity in energy sector. Her long-term goal is to facilitate the advantages of superconductors to tackle the challenges for a low carbon and sustainable power system.

She has extensive research experience in the design and modelling of superconducting devices.

Recent research activities include novel superconducting machines for wind generation, advanced superconducting motors for modern transportation, superconducting fault current limiters and very high field magnets.

Dr Zhang also has several years’ experience in power system stability and protection. She is particularly interested in the flexible integration of renewable generation and fault level control. 


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