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Electromagnetics, Machines and Drives

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Electromagnetics links many aspects of the work of the EMD group and includes two main aspects - software development and also applying simulation techniques to the design of all kinds of electromagnetic apparatus and prototypes. A very wide range of equipment is involved, from magnets for medical imaging equipment, to electromagnetic launchers, electrical machines, non-destructive testing and transformers, and power electronic circuits.

The numerical modelling techniques developed by the EMD group are incorporated into a fully integrated software package MEGA, for solving 2D and 3D electromagnetic problems using finite element methods.

Specific interests

Development and validation of finite elements for electromagnetics

The 2-D and 3-D finite element code, MEGA has been developed by the group. It is one of the most advanced software packages for the finite element analysis of electromagnetic fields.


Electrical machines - linear machines, disc machines and conventional cylindrical machines have been designed, analysed and tested.

Contacts: Dr Martin Balchin, Prof J Fred Eastham.

Interactive computer graphics

Computer graphics are being developed for visualisation of 3D fields.

Power electronics

Power converters, power semiconductor application, amplifiers for magnetic resonance imaging magnets.

Contact: Dr Francis Robinson.