Equality and Diversity

Staff groups

Criteria for recognition:

  • Equality Groups should focus on aspects of the University’s equalities and diversity agenda, currently encompassing disability equality, race equality and lesbian, gay bisexual and trans issues.
  • All equality groups should have clearly stated aims of the group along with terms of reference.
  • Equality Groups should provide feedback through the University’s Equality and Diversity Network.
  • Equality Groups should be aware that their suggestions for changes based on the needs of their group may not be taken up by the University.

Process for gaining recognition

Equality groups wishing to gain recognition should test to see whether they meet the criteria. 

  1. The prospective members should meet to decide whether they are covered by legislation relating to equality in the workplace.  If not they need not follow the remaining steps in this list.
  2. If they are a relevant equality group they should decide on a focus, aims of the group and terms of reference for that particular group.
  3. If there is any difficulty finding out whether a similar group has already been formed, the proposed group should contact the Secretary of the Equality and Diversity Network to confirm whether an equality group with the same focus already exists. 
  4. The group should use the criteria for recognition (see above) before submitting their case for approval by the Equality and Diversity Committee.
  5. Once approved the Equality Group will be offered one representative place onto the Equality and Diversity Network.

Ongoing recognition

A review of equality group’s aims and terms of reference should take place every three years.  This should include confirmation they are in contact with those in their constituency.  A representative of the group should attend Equality and Diversity Network meetings.  Groups should be available to comment on management proposals as equality strand representatives of a particular section of employees.