Equality and Diversity

Disabled Staff Support Group

DSSG is a friendly support group for staff with any sort of disability, medical condition, learning difficulty or long-term health problem. If you want to meet people who are in a similar situation, either for support or to exchange information and experiences, DSSG may be what you are looking for.

You can either e-mail us at disabled-staff@bath.ac.uk for more information about the group, or just turn up on the day.

Aims & Objectives

The Purpose of the Group

To significantly improve the level of access to employment and development opportunities for disabled people at the University of Bath and provide support to existing members of staff.

The group aims to:
  • act as a forum for disabled staff at the University for the exchange of information and ideas and to provide a support network for members of the group and other disabled staff.
  • increase understanding of the importance and benefits of valuing diversity.
  • advise and influence management within the University in the development, assessment and implementation of policies relating to disabled staff.
  • work with the University community towards ensuring equalities and diversity policies are mainstreamed.
  • lobby and help all staff within the University to turn equalities policies into action.

The group will:

  • seek to influence in a clear and effective manner
  • look at the range of suggested options when deciding how to proceed on a particular issue
  • be open to new ideas and keep all matters within the group confidential
  • represent a group of people who have been disadvantaged by a failure to accommodate, for whatever reason, their needs and requirements and aims to be accessible to all.
Terms of reference

The Disabled Staff Support Group (DSSG) acts as a centre of resources and information on disability and a lobbying group on disability issues. We offer a support network for members of the group and staff with a disability, impairment or long-term health problem at the University.